First of all, thanks to everyone that wished me a happy Christmas. Given how slack updates have been here over the past few months, I’ll take this opportunity to say “Happy New Year” in case I don’t come back until January. Now…

While poncing around Kinsale a few weeks back and, admittedly having picked up the camera (for fun) for the first time in many moons, I took a few minutes to stroll around the dock and see what I could see. Kinsale has always been a great spot for birds and I know some day I’m going to see someone down there with a 600mm lens sitting in a hide on the side of the pier. Lest I allow myself to get anymore distracted;


Work on the Camoflage

So, herons as usual. As with any birds that spend quite an amount of time in built up areas, this one allowed me to get quite close before eventually retreating to a boat further out in the bay. With my business in the gallery concluded, I took a drive out to nearby Garrettstown. This was during the so called ‘big storm’ that hit a few weeks back and threw waves of 30ft and over onto the west coast. I’d gotten reports of huge swells in Sligo, Galway and Kerry, so I figured it might be worth the 10 minute trip out to the beach to see if there was any risky surfing action afoot. No, just a couple of women chatting on the beach…

Meet at the beach

To have a wild guess on their conversation, I’d have to assume it went along the lines of “Jaays Bridie, will ya look at that quare fecker up there taking photos of us paddling” to which Bridie replied “Ah now Mary, I’ve been smoking pot all day, I can’t even see past me own toes”. Or maybe not.