Rumsfeld Resignation


Michael Berg, father of the beheaded Nicholas Berg, has called for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld (and hopefully the horse-whipping of the entire Bush administration).

I very definitely do hold the Department of Defence, the FBI, the Bush administration and especially Donald Rumsfeld responsible,” Michael Berg said.

Berg was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I would think that as a US citizen, any time is the wrong time to be in Iraq. Maybe that’s just my warped thought process? Will Rumsfeld resign? Will the Bush administration accept responsibility for the death of Nick Berg? Will striped winged pigs fly freely out of my rectum? Stay tuned! (Full Story)

Introducing Nick Berg (for those living under rocks)


This Nick Berg thing. If you haven’t heard about it, where have you been? I know I’m not exactly known for commenting on current affairs or anything but I felt this one deserved a little sceal. It would seem those wacky Iraqi chappies have beheaded one Nicholas Berg, who hails from the US. He was in Iraq trying to drum up business for himself when he went missing, only to turn up in an Al Qaeda home video. In my infinite curiosity (yes, the same one that killed the cat), I fired up Kazaa a few days ago and downloaded the full unedited video. If awarded the benefit of hindsight and keeping the welfare of my nerves intact, I probably would not have downloaded & viewed the video. To say it is horrifying is an understatement. I have it on my webspace however my better judgement tells me I shouldn’t provide a link to it, but I may in the future if I get desperate for content. It seems to be an case of one-upmanship between the USGB and Iraq. (I’m calling it USGB from now on by the way. The good old “United States of Great Britain”.) So anyway. The USGB troops torture some Iraqi’s and it gets televised. Then Iraq thinks “hey, we want a piece of this pie” so they go about kidnapping and beheading a US citizen live on the Internet. Well, maybe not live… but you get the idea. Where will it end? Will we see George Blair or Tony Bush telling bad jokes to Iraqi citizens or the notorious Ozzie Bin Laden tickling some New Yorkers? It’s fucking crazyness.

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