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It’s baaaaaaack… Or at least it will be at the end of January 2008.

Flashback to the 1980’s


Courtesy of those good people over at TV Ark. After spending another long session over on this truly amazing website I thought I’d share some of my favorite clips.

Realplayer is required to view all of the clips above. Now for a short disclaimer; if you only find yourself emerging from the other side of the TV Ark website in a weeks time, Rymus {dot} Net is not liable to reimburse your 7 days worth of life. There is an ungodly amount of nostalgia in there. You may want to wear a mask or something…

60,00 onto Kearney


60,00 onto Kearney, originally uploaded by sepiatone.

Still further proof that no matter what is going on anywhere on the planet, there’s a flickr user there to document it.

This photoset shows detail behind what is my favorite TV ad at the moment; the Sony Bravia advert. Great set of photos from sepiatone.

Kev trades Bev in for newer model


“Kev?”, “Bev?”. “Kev!”, “Bev!”. The long running AA car loan commercial we’ve all seen featuring Kev and Bev played by Mark Burdis and Olivia Coleman. Well all is not well in AA town. I was distraught to see that my beloved Bev has been usurped and replaced by a woman I could never see being likely to be granted a car loan. Especially for a Volvo!

Above, the original Bev with Kev

Am I to presume that original Bev has been tied up and is being stored in Kev’s basement? Is she concealed in the no doubt ample trunk of the old red Volvo? I fear greatly for her safety and am concerned that new Bev’s recent appearance may be a permanant fixture. Yahoo! news reports that Olivia Coleman is currently seeking other roles. Farewell Olivia, you’ll always be Bev to me…

Truly Delightful TV


It’s not very often something actually watchable comes along. It’s even less often that something hugely entertaining and well written comes along. Filling the hole in my TV schedule that “Long Way Round” left, I discovered “Rescue Me” some time ago on Sky One. Thursday nights, 10-11pm. The show is based on a New York fire house in present day. The tone is firmly rooted in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks so as you can imagine, it’s quite a dark storyline. Tommy Gavin, played by the talented Denis Leary is a man haunted by alcoholism, his seperated marraige and of course several ghosts he’s picked up along the way.

Serious topics (but not all of them fires) are dealt with in a very gritty and almost too realistic manner but it makes for wonderful entertainment and like “The Soprano’s”, you just know that when someone messes with a firefighter, they’ll be getting their ass kicked a few episodes down the line. Fantastic one-liners are guaranteed every week from any one of the characters; but normally one of the more intelligent characters of course…

It also introduced me to a new band. The theme tune is The Von Bondies track “C’mon”. Only problem I’ve found with getting attached to good TV is that sooner or later the damn series ends. God bless DVD box sets!

Truly DespicableTV


From the home of utterly vile and contemptuous television programming comes yet another in a list of ‘entertainment’ (and I use the term loosly). “Fool Around with Dan Corsi”, showing on E4 is a show primarily based on the wholesome activity of deception, encouraging average women to cheat on their boyfriends for a big cash prize. As if it wasn’t bile enducing enough, the boyfriends (whom I can only presume to be missing vital parts of their brains) condone this activity and in fact advise their morally challenged other halves on how best to get into bed with the male model they share the house with.

I managed to watch a full 3 or 4 minutes of the 1 hour show last night before leaving the room in anger and disgust that this kind of crap passes for entertainment these days. And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t watch reality TV.

Long Way Round


Some truly inspirational television ended last night with an emotionally charged final episode. For several weeks I have been keenly observing Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor travelling 20,000 miles around planet earth on BMW 1150GS motorbikes. From London, through Europe, onto Mongolia and far eastern Russia, over to Alaska, through Canada and across the U.S. to New York.

Over the course of the life changing journey, both men (and indeed their camera man) faced great adversity travelling on road, off road, on swamp, through river, back on road, into another river and even through brush fires in Alaska.

I, like I’m sure many others, have fantasised about setting off on that very same trip; around the world on a motorbike. No throwing caution to the wind however, there has to be and thankfully was for this TV show a full support crew travelling in four wheel drive vehicles with spare fuel, tyres, a doctor and a whole selection of recording and camera equipment.

Hats off to the two lads, they’ve done something I’ll probably only ever dream of doing. They even managed to do it without complaining when times got really hard. Well, not complaining too much anyway 🙂

The whole thing culminated in what seemed to be a rushed final episode last night with the pair travelling across north America, each being surprised along the way by their families who were strategically housed in an area along the planned route. They also met the ever moody staff of “Orange County Choppers”, who as I’m sure all bikers will know are currently the subject of a Discovery channel fly-on-the-wall documentary.

After watching the series, I have gained tremendous respect and admiration for both Ewan and Charley. Anyone that can take on such a task and come out the other side with all four limbs and an ear to ear smile deserves an award.

“Long Way Round” official website

Big Brother: Why bother?


What is this? It must be the fifth time that UK & Irish TV viewers have been subjected to the human waste which is the “Big Brother”. For some it’s the televisual experience of the year, something to while away those long summer days watching 24-hour live coverage on E4. Never before has it been so exciting to watch perfect strangers, whom as it happens are no more interesting than bellybutton fluff, perform inane activities such as… sleeping, for example.

For the rest of us, which you may have guessed includes yours truly, can’t stand the whole big brother experiment. I say experiment because the people they finally choose to be contestants belong only in a lab. I could name several things I’d rather be doing than watching any amount of Big Brother.

Big Brother 1 was original TV in it’s day. I will freely admit that I watched (throughout the whole series) roughly 3 to 4 hours of the show. After that, reality TV just got boring. How many TV shows were created in the wake of the big brother phenomenon that gave us a fly on the wall view of everywhere and anywhere we could possibly hope to see.

The truly amazing thing is that every series has taken people more or less off the street with absolutely no special qualities (other than in some cases, the ability to talk shit and bore the world constantly for 10 weeks) and transformed them, no matter if they win or lose, into minor celebrities. After their flash in the pan TV debut, they have gotten their own shows or starred in the shows of others. Two I can think of straight away is Craig, the winner who gave all his winnings away and is appearing on DIY “my home is a kip, come fix it up” kind of shows and Anna of “Ask Anna”, where a lesbian ex-nun doles out advice and helps other whiny viewers that (in one case which sticks out in my mind) to find men that like overweight middle-aged women, or one woman in particular.

The tabloids eat up the scandal like it’s the food served from a gourmet restaurant and splash the latest big brother bullshit all over their front pages. For 10 weeks of the summer, you can’t twitch without having some aspect of Big Brother crammed in every available orifice. It is, in this bloggers humble opinion, the worst TV imaginable.

please god no!


Foulmouthed to-a-point couple Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are believed to be in talks with ITV to team up as chat show hosts in the UK.

According to insiders, the show would be aired late at night and feature “an impressive array of celebrity guests.” Perhaps to hide the fact that the Osbournes are to chat shows what Chris Doran is to the Irish music industry.

I can only hope the show never gets off the ground. Thank God Sky digital doesn’t carry ITV.

new Ariel advert


Tim Henman watching a video of himself playing tennis and applauding when he wins. It’s a bit like writing a letter to yourself, explaining to yourself exactly how great you are. Ego++ or a clever bit of advertising? It’s probably the only way advertising executives could think of squeezing Henman into a TV advert.

That’s my latest in a long line of absolutely stupid adverts. Funny… they always seem to be for washing powder…

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