Phone has finally gone!


My phone has been through it all. First let me say that i took absolutely no care with it during our three year relationship. It has been dropped 20 feet from a ladder, dropped into a pint, dropped down the toilet, chewed by the dog, spent time in a lake, stood upon several times, banged off walls etc etc. Any time it had water damage vodafone said it was broken and could not be fixed but it came back to life. The only problems i encountered following this abuse was the star button at the bottom left wasn’t great to work. You could only lock it after maybe 6 or 7 goes! To be honest i don’t even know the type of phone it was but it was sturdy. Our three year relationship ended the other morning when i was getting into my car to go for work. It fell out of my coat pocket and onto the road. Anyway i drove off unaware of it. I thought i left it in home. To cut a long story short someone found it and it had been knocked down (or rolled over)! I got it back from them and the screen was all cracked and it was fairly messed up. Guess what! I turned it on and the bugger still worked. It’s like super phone or something! While it was lost i got a present of another phone, it was a hard decision but i am using the new phone. I am very hypocritical about mobile phones and the way people are obsessed. While my phone was missing, i have to admit i was lost. It was like i had no contact with the rest of the world. I never thought i would admit that. Anyway that was a load of meaningless gobbeldy gook, just thought i would give a little commemeration to a resilient little bastard!!

Nokia embraces clamshell


Old news by now probably, but Nokia has really responded to mobile users quiet screams by designing several new clamshell models.

We have the;
6260 – something that looks a little too flimsy for my liking.
6170 – looks a little like Sony tried to design a Samsung phone.
2650 – something out of a sci-fi b-movie? Looks water/beer proof though. That’s always a plus in this drink-a-day world.

The real question is, has Nokia done enough to win back all those annoying teenagers that bought Sharp & Samsung camera phones oh so long ago so they could text their friends? There’s no doubt that clamshell is the way Nokia should be progressing, I’m just glad they didn’t decide to completely take the piss, like they have in a few of their more recent models.

It arrives!


Got my Iriver IHP-140 this morning from Advanced MP3 Players. What an impressive little machine. Incredible sound, incredible radio, incredible remote control… all in all… incredible!

my new mp3 player


After a very long time of wondering if I should get a Sony NetMD system or a full-blown MP3 player, yesterday I finally bought one. Decided to go for the iriver ihp-140 (now H140). Seems to be upwards of 500+ in any shops here; in fact the 20 gig model is around 400. It was hinted on recently to call into Harvey Norman, who were supposedly selling them for 430. No such luck. So I ordered one from Advanced MP3 Players, a UK based company that are offering the player for in & around 390.

I’ve already been asked the obvious question, “Why not buy an iPod?”. My only answer to that is that there is clearly no comparison between the iriver and an ipod in terms of function; the H140 leaves any ipod whimpering in the corner. Hopefully I’ll be taking delivery of my new toy late next week. Finally I’ll have a means of listening to my collection of totally legal MP3’s, WMA’s and now OGG’s whilst out & about.

Online church befowled by satan


How to take this story seriously? Really… how? When the opening paragraph is

The world’s first cyber church has had to close its pulpit to ordinary worshippers after people logged in and used swear words on the site.

The mind boggles!?! What were they expecting to happen? This is the internet after all. Nothing but a worldwide breeding ground for some of the worst scum out there. So thanks to “Satan” and his band of unruly fowl-mouthed chatters, we can no longer hit the ‘preach’ button in this 3D religious wonderland. A spokesman for the church is to fight tooth and nail to keep the church open

“We have to do what we can to prevent it.”

Like close the website? I can almost picture the type of person that would be running such an operation…

(Source: UTV, Image: Back Porch Rants)

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