Strandhill Kite Surfing


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What better place to be on a cold and wet St. Patricks day than at the beach. After a handy tip off from she who knows about this kind of thing and given that I was going to be in Sligo over the festive weekend anyway, we headed down to the ever wild and windy Strandhill beach in the hope of catching some great kite surfing action. Only, we didn’t.

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It seemed that the poor weather kept some people away, while others just setup their kit, stood around on the beach for a bit, then gave in and went home/to the pub. For what was billed as a kite surfing meetup, I think there was a total of 4 people in the water. So hugely disappointed was I that I only took about 500 photos…

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Well, 500 isn’t alot really… Given that only about 20 or so of them made it onto flickr. We eventually got bored when it seemed the dire weather wasn’t going to make a move anytime soon, so climbed we back into the car and drove we away did. Such excitement at the prospect of a huge kite surfing meetup. Ah well. At least we got a nice lunch out of it. Few more on Flickr.

Surf School


Surf School

Possibly one of my favorite shots. Printed and framed a load of shots recently and for some reason I keep looking at this one. For some reason I love it. Such a lucky shot. Was taken leaving Inchidoney on a bitterly cold day; just about to get into the car and spotted this over my shoulder. Delving into the bowels of flickr to get to this one, a good sign that I’ll have to post some new photos soon.

Midleton Show


It’s all a bit horsey (and poney..ey). From a few Sunday’s ago just outside Midleton in Cork. A few of the more select shots from the day.


Stinky Breath?




Jiminy Jillickers, I just realised it’s been ages since I posted much. I put that down to the fact that I’ve been out taking photos for ages and am only now getting chance to sit down and process them. Until I get chance to post more, there are alot more of this event on flickr. Enjoy!

Kite Surfing


Following some good advice, I spent a good portion of last Saturday at Garrettstown beach. The start of the day seemed rather uneventful. It was bitterly cold, hugely windy and the waves were very scrappy/patchy. Not conditions similar to other more eventful trips to Garrettstown. Nevertheless, I stuck around for a few hours; until my grumbling stomach finally got the better of me and I thought I’d retreat for some munchies. How and ever, as it sometimes does, things improved infinitely. On driving past the other end of the beach, I spotted a few lads unrolling and setting up various sails. Aha. Windsurfing! Not only that, kite surfing also! Jackpot…

Kite Surfing in Garrettstown




I’ve wanted to try my hand at kite surfing photography for months. Possibly even longer. Last Saturday could not have presented any better an opportunity to do exactly that. It was a great buzz to photograph, I can only imagine what it’s actually like to be on the board! Thanks to all the lads, kite and wind surfers, that put on such a good show and didn’t once ask why exactly it was that I was standing on the beach pointing a lens towards them. As you’d expect, there are a few more on flickr.

Bikers… in drag


Just before I’m unceremoniously ejected from the bloggie fraternity for lack of posting, I thought I’d stick this one in. It’s a few of the drag racing that took place in Oldchapel, Bandon a couple of weeks back. Typically enough, I arrived well into the event and as such stood no chance whatsoever of getting a decent spot from which to take photos. Add to that the fact I didn’t really feel like being “mr. pushy photojournalist man” and asking people to move so I could steal their spot. Well, that and I didn’t want to get laid out on my back after a slap from a biker after I took his spot. So here you are, make of these what you will..

Passing Go


Taking Off


Sadly, and it was bound to happen eventually, I have discovered the limits of my 5fps 20D. The frame rate just isn’t suitable for high speed motorcycle racing. Then again, what is? I really wanted to hang around and get more panning shots, but the crowd just wouldn’t allow it. Ah well. These shots are also on flickr.



It truly frightens me that it’s been a week since I posted a set of photos here… Thank God I have Glassey Alley to keep plugging away on so I don’t feel like a total photoless loser!

Anyway, finally got back to Vernon Mount last Saturday for some more high speed motocross action. I was in luck that it was juniors day (seniors on Sunday) as personally I find the junior races a hell of a lot more fun to watch. A fellow photographer echoed my own opinion that the young fella’s have no fear so they throw themselves around the course like motocross is going out of business. Makes for some big spills; but great thrills. Got some good ones, here are a few.







As you’ll no doubt spot, the few hours I spent up in Vernon Mount gave me ample opportunity to practice my panning technique. It’s coming along nicely, even without a hugely expensive image stabilised lens! There are a few more of this type of thing on flickr.

Cork City beat Shelbourne in Setanta Cup



I have been going to Turners Cross for many years. It was a miserable day today and i was contemplating staying at home but the prospect of playing the Eircom league champions proved too much and me and my sister ventured to the cross. City’s first home match against Bray Wanderers last week was a very disappointing affair. Tonight however was a different story. We sat behind the Shelbourne bench and we were getting soaked. It was a very high paced game from the start and the lads showed 100% commitment and heart. Chances were few in the first half but the football was entertaining. The second half started brightly and it was all Cork city. Then Denis Beehan, in for the injured John O’ Flynn scored a cracker into the top corner of the net. Turners cross erupted! Pride is very important in Irish soccer and beating Shelbourne is the goal of every team. City scored another goal but as we celebrated we noticed the linesmans flag and it was disallowed. Shelbourne made a few substitutions and started to play with some conviction. They couldn’t break through. Joe Gamble who played a great match got hit with a bad tackle and retaliated with a head butt and was sent off. Tempers among players and management flared and Pat Fenlon lost control of himself. I have to admit that i admire Damien Richardson for keeping his cool and concentrating on the game. A few minutes to go and Neal Fenn made a run down the touch line and and was taken out. The referee produced the red card again. I normally have no grievances with ref’s but he was card happy tonight and lost control of the game. When the final whistle was blown there was huge cheers and relief. This is the first win against Shelbourne for nine games i think. Congratulations to George O’ Callaghan on his man of the match award. We left the ground and the rain had stopped. It was certainly worth the 15 euro admission charge and tonight i was extremely proud to support Cork city. They now have the base to go on and win the Setanta cup. These pictures are from the previous Bray Wanderers game.


big turn out for victorious Cork team


Taken with Nokia 6600
God awful quality

“A tremendous day for Cork Hurling”


The words of Donal O’Grady as Cork win 0-17 to 0-9 against a bewildered Kilkenny side. I’d kill to be in Croke park now… I guess I’ll have to settle for joining every single person in Cork county tomorrow night to welcome Liam Mc Carthy to the county. Well done to all the lads on the Cork team, brilliant match!

up cork


No commentary needed on this one, just looking forward to Sunday.

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