Ferns Clerical Abuse


Listened to “The Last Word” this evening on TodayFM where Matt Cooper & guests discussed clerical abuse in the dioces(sp?) of Ferns in the east of Ireland. The horrifying events recounted by an abused person really put the notion of wholesome Catholic Ireland on ice.

What struck me in particular was one incredibly accurate point that the guest had. Priests were seen as infallible and therefore anything they did had to be right. After all, they are God’s representatives on earth! Family members scoffed at the idea of a man of God doing anything remotely like what was being reported and indeed responded with physical violence and yet more exclusion. It truly boggles the mind…

I have mirrored the first hour of The Last Word for anyone that wishes to listen to the interview. Be warned though; it is graphic. It’s in windows media format too by the way…

Online church befowled by satan


How to take this story seriously? Really… how? When the opening paragraph is

The world’s first cyber church has had to close its pulpit to ordinary worshippers after people logged in and used swear words on the site.

The mind boggles!?! What were they expecting to happen? This is the internet after all. Nothing but a worldwide breeding ground for some of the worst scum out there. So thanks to “Satan” and his band of unruly fowl-mouthed chatters, we can no longer hit the ‘preach’ button in this 3D religious wonderland. A spokesman for the church is to fight tooth and nail to keep the church open

“We have to do what we can to prevent it.”

Like close the website? I can almost picture the type of person that would be running such an operation…

(Source: UTV, Image: Back Porch Rants)

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