G8 Riot fools


JL Pagano has penned “An open letter to those protesters involved in the Edinburgh riots” which makes for good reading. In reply, I for one say “here here”.

Bush back in power


Well, to be frank, that’s us fucked for another four years! George Dubya has been re-elected for another term in the white house after John Kerry threw in the towel earlier this evening. It was an election ‘too close to call’ for the past few weeks as both candidates campaigned furiously and brought out the secret weapons; ex-president Bill Clinton, Bruce Springsteen, Arnold Schwarzengger (spelling anyone?) to name a few.

Kerry may have been an indecisive and even hypocritical possibility for president, but as far as I and millions more were concerned he was certainly the lesser of two evils. If he turned out to be another Mussolini he would have still been the lesser.

What will the next four years bring? With Bush now having even more power than he did in his first term, how worried should we be? Will the next few months see “The War on Terror” jump into overdrive? One can only presume that once he is satisfied that he has killed enough innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan where will he focus his deranged and misguided efforts to? Northern Ireland? China? Should ETA be quaking in their boots? Once he has the oil his family are so crazed in their demand for, will he mysteriously stop looking for Osama Bin Laden? Shur he’s in for another 4 now, he doesn’t need Bin Ladens help anymore.. Well, until 2008 anyway!

How long is it going to take him to appoint some supreme court judges that lean so far to the left that they have trouble standing up when they get out of bed in the morning? Will homosexuals still have rights in Mr. Bush’s religious democracy? A man that was elected primarily due to religion. I have to wonder, will us praying to the same God that he does actually help us over the coming years?

This really is insanity to the highest degree. I hope all the people out there that voted for Bush live to regret their decision. I, like I imagine many others do at the moment, fear for the safety of the world.

The last stand of sanity


Vote John Kerry. You know it makes sense! (Unless of course you’re one of ‘those’ people)

Here we go again…


So the voting has once again started in Florida. And just like the punch card fiasco of 2000, the electronic voting system now adopted has gone tits up within 1 day of the polls opening. Something about touchscreens…

With Kerry now thought to be the forerunner in the presidental race, is this the last desperate stance of the extended relations of the Bush clan? Err, like that time back in 2000 when one of Bush’s relations called the Florida vote in Dubya’s favour, even though by that time he had already lost.

Lets wait a while, there could be a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11 in the making…

Jeeves, fetch the private jet…


Minister for health, Micheál Martin has apologised for using the Irish government jet to fly him back from Switzerland when he became stranded last Wednesday. He arrived at the airport in Geneva 40 minutes before his flight was due to leave but was unable to board the plane as the gate had closed. Seems a bit odd to me. I thought gates only closed about 10 minutes before the flight was due to take off? Maybe they do things differently in Geneva?!? I bet he didn’t even play the “Do you know who I am?” card!

Poor old stranded minister Martin said he had no choice but to call out the jet, a roundtrip which has costed the taxpayer €10,000. The question is, when is he going to be paying that air fare?
(Source: UTV)

Mirror to spill the beans on hoaxers’


I was wondering when this was going to happen. The Mirror, who if you remember published photos of abuse on Iraqi’s, is to reveal the names of the soldiers who provided the fake pictures to the Royal Military Police. I love this quote

While we are committed as journalists to protecting our sources, that does not extend to people who have acted fraudulently in pursuit of money.”

Of course… no tabloid, especially the Mirror, has ever printed information for the sole purpose of increasing ratings or making money. No, that’d be wrong!

In a related note, the Mirror are taking suggestions in retracting their “Sorry.. We Were Hoaxed.” headline to “Sorry.. We Are Idiots.” That’ll please the “I told you so” section of their readership, or at least the double digit IQ readership… All 4 of them.
(Source: Irish Examiner – reg required)

Rumsfeld Approves Abuse?


US Magazine “The New Yorker” has claimed that

US DEFENCE Secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorised the expansion of a secret programme encouraging physical coercion and sexual humiliation of prisoners to obtain intelligence in Iraq.

Naturally, someone from the pentagon was hot on the heels of this story, claiming it was “outlandish” and going off into a long-winded speech about conspiracy something or other.

It will of course come as no surprise that Bush was aware of the program’s existance.

So, the seven soldiers facing charges relating to abuse in Abu Ghraib prison… did they flip out or were they acting under orders?
(Source: Irish Examiner – registration required)

Rumsfeld Resignation


Michael Berg, father of the beheaded Nicholas Berg, has called for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld (and hopefully the horse-whipping of the entire Bush administration).

I very definitely do hold the Department of Defence, the FBI, the Bush administration and especially Donald Rumsfeld responsible,” Michael Berg said.

Berg was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I would think that as a US citizen, any time is the wrong time to be in Iraq. Maybe that’s just my warped thought process? Will Rumsfeld resign? Will the Bush administration accept responsibility for the death of Nick Berg? Will striped winged pigs fly freely out of my rectum? Stay tuned! (Full Story)

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