Circles in Stone



Patterns on a decorative stone cross at Monasterboice. Slowly getting through the acres of photos taken at the latest of the boards meetups. Monasterboice was alot smaller than I was expecting, but no less amazing. It remains an active/working graveyard to this day. A few of the graves and other bits & pieces up there date back to the 1700’s! “Written in Stone”, quite literally!

As expected, posting is going to be light until Sunday evening. I’m heading off tomorrow afternoon to begin the weekend’s festivities for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards in Dublin. Looking forward to seeing all the regulars again.

And I haven’t forgotten the deal I made with myself some weeks back; I’ll be treating myself to a pint if my prediction comes up trumps.

Slane Hill


Slane Hill

One from a recent trip around Meath. Last stop of the evening; Slane Hill. More coming soon, or as soon as I get a big processing job out of the way.

Waiting at the Station


End of the Line

For some reason, while the photos were exporting from Lightroom I began to think of this song. Anyway, here are the rest of a few from the train station at Mogeely. I had thought about doing them as an all black & white set but when I started fiddling around with sliders in lightroom I couldn’t contain myself.


Station & Other Buildings

The madness is about to begin. So many trips to Dublin I might as well be living there… Anyway, one for the road.

Waiting for a non-existant Train

Few more of these on flickr.

Tragumna Graveyard


The Suspiciously Located Daisy

A few miles outside Skibbereen, in the general direction of Castletownshend (and down a back road somewhere on the way back to the main road from Tragumna beach) theres a graveyard that save for a few headstones erected in the last 20 years, looks deserted. Most of the graves are marked by simple flat stones, devoid of markings or descriptions. It’s an eerily serene place to be. Standing in the middle of the graveyard half concentrating on taking a photo, all I could hear (apart from Trilo running around) was the sound of the waves breaking off the rocks some fifty yards away.

Buried by the Sea

Castletownshend was, as I thought it might be, deserted. Probably a place I’d go back to when the inclination strikes though. I’m trying to compile a list of places for a whistle-stop photo tour of west Cork during the summer. I’ve got a few so far, but I want to make at least a day of it. Possibly two days. One more before I go, but there are a couple more of them on flickr.


The Old Crate


Crate again

Crouched down, waited for the wave to surround the crate before making a mad dash so my socks would stay someway dry. I can’t decide if I like the colour or black & white version better. First I preferred the b&w, now the colour. Not too sure though…

Took these on a trip around Skibbereen after taking the suggestion of ‘ooh take that road’. Proof once more (as if you ever needed it) that every trip to west Cork can yield a new experience.

Crate B&W

On a somewhat related note (and in perfect timing) I ordered my sparkly new Canon 24-70L today after successfully selling my Sigma 24-70 last week. I reckon it’s currently about 30,000 feet over Asia, making it’s way to me. Should be picking it up on Wednesday.

Halina 35X


Halina 35X

I was given this fairly decent condition Halina 35X some years ago by an elderly neighbour but what with all the moves and messing around, it’s sat in the oddly clean part of my car (just behind the drivers seat) for the last two years or so. I’ll admit to not knowing much about the camera, other than what I’ve just read in the wiki link above. I certainly didn’t think it was almost 50 years old!

Halina 35X

At the moment I’m going through another one of those phases where I’d like to get an old manual camera (although possibly not as old as this one) and shoot a few rolls of black & white. Was thinking of a cheap Canon AE-1; There seems to be an abundance of them on eBay. Or, I could just get a roll or two and see if the light seals on this old thing are still intact.

Slippery Step Down


Descending in Knockomagh

I originally liked this photo after processing it. But now, the more I look at it, the more I dislike it. I suppose I should stop looking at it so.

Walking back down the hill in Knockomagh Woods at Lough Hyne (Ine?) near Skibbereen in west Cork. Haven’t done that climb for a while so thankfully it was a hell of a lot easier this time. Although I did have significantly less camera gear with me than before. The view from the top is wonderful but not so much during this climb because of the thick layer of fog and mist that sat just on top of the hill. Still, it was nice to get out and get some fresh air I suppose…

Oh.. and to all my readers, enjoy the rest of “lovin’ day”. I know I quite possibly might somehow manage to do so after the last exam tonight.




Some of the old signal switchgear removed from the tracks at the abandoned train station in Mogeely, east Cork. It’s somewhere I’ve been meaning to stop for a while so the added incentive of roadworks on the main Cork – Waterford road and the handy diversion sealed the deal. It’s an odd spot. Not exactly what you’d think of when you imagine the term ‘abandoned’. After all, the station is in the middle of the town.

Now, less of this distraction. I’ve got about half a dozen chapters of various Cisco routing twaddle to look at before exams tonight. Oh how I love theory. Mmmm Hmm!

Almost Forgotten



Given that I’ve got a few sets of images taken over the weekend to process, I decided that instead of doing one set at once, I’d do one image from each and finish up later in the week. This was taken in a small graveyard outside Skibbereen in west Cork. An easy place to find (although granted we weren’t looking for it at the time) so I’ll easily be able to find my way back there should the desire strike me. It’s overgrown, old and the kind of place where many of the graves are marked simply by a large flat stone. No identifiable engravings, no fancy marble or limestone, just big flat rocks.

So, shortlists are out for the blog awards and I’m pleased to see I’m on it along with a few fellow boardsies. The short list is in fact a very long list if you look down through it. I’m not terribly pushed about who gets through to the final list but I think I’ll stay quiet on the subject of who I’m tipping to win at the moment. If I’m right, I’ll buy myself a pint on the night of the awards to celebrate!

First of the year



[insert motivational phrase here]. Something like ‘start as you mean to go on’ maybe? Is that motivational? These are two shots from the resulting haul of photos from my first wedding of the year and as you’ve figured out by now, my first wedding with a 5D. I’m pretty happy with the results, my good shot to junk shot ratio is tilting in a favourable way. It’s getting to feel now that I no longer have to take 6 shots of a particular scene to get one good one. The 30D was relegated to my shoulder all day. The first wedding I’ve done with only one camera. There was still a bit of lens swapping going on. Moved between the 70-200 f2.8IS and the 50 f1.8 a bit.

Overall a very positive move, even if some of the gadgeteers are scoffing that the 5D is two year old technology. It’s still better than alot of current cameras. Definitely the best camera I’ve used so far. So good in fact that my financial controller has sanctioned the acquisition of at least one new lens. It’s a red letter day in the rymus household.


So why only fairly generic detail shots? Where are the portraits and the candid moments caught by this now increasingly motivated second shooter? I’m fairly hesitant to start posting full results from weddings to flickr (or anywhere online for that matter). Ok so I still own the copyright and all that legal stuff but I’m unwilling to deal with any complaints that may surface from anyone seeing themselves on my flickr stream or this blog.

When time becomes freer, I will be updating my own website with a portfolio of wedding shots. I think they’d be more suited there in a portfolio format than being posted on flickr perhaps… Opinions?

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