February Photowalk: Trim, Co. Meath


A bit of input needed on this one so read below and share your thoughts.

Idea is to experience the sights and sounds of Trim (which I’m reliably informed is a 45 minute drive from Dublin city for anyone that’s worried about it).

This can be done either one of two ways.
1. Travel to Trim on Friday 19th and on arrival, sample some of the fine beers and stouts available at one of the local haunts. (i.e. few pints, talk shite, get however pissed you want to). Photowalk the following day after a suitably hangover soothing breakfast. Anyone that doesn’t fancy the Friday drive or the drinks can meet up with the rest of the hungover group on Saturday for the photowalk.

2. Travel to Trim on Saturday 20th and on arrival photowalk to take in the sights. Pints that evening if you so choose. Sleep it off in some accommodation yet to be sourced (don’t worry about the details, this post will be updated) and after the same hangover soothing breakfast, take the road of your choice back home.

As far as accommodation is concerned, anyone that may wish to stay over in Trim should indicate either in a comment below or via email to me [] so I can get an idea of numbers. As soon as I have numbers, I can check around and find out the cost involved. I’m putting a deadline of 1st February on that, so if you think you may want accommodation, tell me before then.

Update 4th Feb – Accommodation has now been sourced. Call Brogans on 046 9431237 for a B&B rate of €30 per person. Quote ‘photowalk’ when booking. Book early to avoid y’know, disappointment or something.

Incidentally, you can (and should) now follow the progress of this and future walks over on

This post, as you may have noticed, is very light on details. That is quite simply because the details don’t exist yet. When they do, this post will be updated with pricing, location(s) for the photowalk, maps and a breakfast menu. Maybe not the last one, but it’ll be a detailed post.

So fire your comments at me. Hope to see you there!

New Year Photowalk


For anyone that hasn’t already seen the details on twitter, wave or wherever else it’s been posted, 11am at the Botanic Gardens on Saturday 2nd Jan 2010. Interested in coming but don’t know where it is? See below.

View Larger Map

No need to leave a comment to indicate if you’re coming or not, this post is just intended to finalise the details for anyone that’s interested in coming but didn’t already know the when and the where.

See you there and if not, happy new year!

Back to Square One


Before the fourth birthday of this blog rolls around next month, I thought I’d revisit an old project. A little over 2 years ago, I first launched Glassey Alley. It was to become a daily photoblog, an extension to this place. When technical problems arose, it quickly ran aground and thus, the end of glassey alley.

Version 2 is back with a vengeance, less ambitious than it’s predecessor but back all the same. I’m going to take a temporary hiatus from this blog and concentrate on glassey alley, so keep an eye over there and I’ll be much obliged if you’ll all once again update your blogrolls with the link of the new site. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe. Every subscriber or comment poster will receive one portion of good will.

So once again (and finally)…

Chase me Damnit!


Chase me Damnit!

Another from Rocky Bay, this time practically right out of the camera. Slight boost in contrast, bit of sharpening and send to flickr. Nice to see that Claire finally buckled under the immense pressure and bought herself a 5D. Bad thing about that is, now she’ll be making the rest of us look even more like rank amateurs (as per usual).

The studying for the third module of the CCNA continues. Exams this Wednesday and Thursday. Good God how glad I’ll be once this course is over!

Cut a Canyon



Water running towards the sea and cutting into the sand along the way. The ever wonderful yet little visited Rocky Bay in Cork. Went down the other day during the golden hour and felt immediately inspired. Such amazing light. All you’re going to be getting over the next week or so are Rocky Bay shots! 🙂

The Lough



Spent a most enjoyable couple of hours around the Lough last weekend with Donncha, Donal, Katie, Kevin and Will just about made it! I haven’t taken any photos at the lough in.. well, probably years now. It’s a great spot for Christmas Day to walk off the dinner and test out all that new camera gear one gets for Christmas.

One could quite literally spend hours crouched at the side of the lake with a telephoto lens and a bag of bread bits. Throw a chunk of bread, point the lens and attempt to catch seagulls killing each-other for a nibble. The entertainment knows no limits. Now, I’m off to toast the end of an era. More on that tomorrow evening.

The Nuthouse



Perhaps not the most PC title, but quite fitting. The ‘nuthouse’ is a semi-abandoned asylum on the northside of Cork city in the Sundays Well area. I say semi-abandoned in that three quarters of the (possibly longest in Ireland) building has been converted into apartments. The last quarter sits unused, almost completely gutted and looking devoid of any life or future development plans. It’s almost as if it’s been left alone for some reason.


Now I’m not saying it’s haunted or anything, but given it’s past use and tales of what went on in there in decades gone by, I personally wouldn’t live in one of the apartments if it was offered with a free car and a cheque for €300k. Maybe that makes me superstitious. Or cautious. Or at least I was cautious enough (this time at least) not to try and enter the building via the ridiculously flimsy looking ‘bridge’ (pictured below) that someone had installed in haste. Didn’t really fancy the 20+ foot drop to the glass & various debris littered below.


It’s both a massively interesting building and a bloody massive building. If you’ve walked in the Lee fields or along the Carrigrohane road, you’ll no doubt have looked to your right over the river and gazed at the ornate grey building half way up the hill.


Having said all of the above, if someone offered me a guided tour of both the abandoned and lived in portions of the building, I wouldn’t refuse.. Anyone?

More on flickr.

The Shoot with one hand while holding a pint with the other session.


Yikes. Only a week late. As above, these are a few of the photos from the Blog Awards. After the formal winners photos and the official work is over, the drinking begins and the mad session of taking photos of anything that moves begins.


I’ll take full credit for this one before it gets used & abused elsewhere. I did this, send all your royalties cheques and kind words to the provided address.. (It’s possibly partly inspired by a recent re-watching of “Sin City”)


‘Blue Steel’, an incredible reconstruction of the film “Zoolander”.

Y’know what? I just couldn’t be bothered copying and pasting anymore. There’s a whole load more photos and this time, you’ve got a choice of where to view them. You can either flickrise yourself or visit the pixie. I’m off to bed. The perils of going to the pub early on a Saturday night.

Where the hell are the blog awards photos?


Before anyone asks me that, and specifically before anyone asks me why they aren’t up on my flickr account by now; Things are being done a little different this year. “Deer in the headlights” style winners photos have been up on my account for the last few days. Those formal photos will be replicated to my flickr account in the second half of the month.

The “official stuff is over so now I’m going to get pissed and annoy alot of people” photos should, failing some kind of intervention from a force majeure, be on my flickr and accounts tonight. Yes, most of them will be black & white. Indeed, a good number of them are out of focus and badly composed. As you would expect, alot of them didn’t make the cut as they’re of the floor/ceiling/various nondescript body parts.

A few of them are of various people licking Rick O’Shea. I guess it’s good to be the king?!? Right, now back to the photo-processing-fest.

That Pre-Awards Photobloggers meetup…


An award winning Photoblogger

I’ll start with this one of an award winning photoblogger. Well done to Claire for picking up Best Photo Blog on Saturday night. Not really much of a surprise (to me at least). For the last 3 or 4 months I’d been of the strong opinion that she’d take it. So much so that I would have given Paddy Power some of my hard earned spondoolicks. Some more winners over on my album.

It was great to meet up with a few of the folks for some disjointed photoblogging in the hours leading up to the awards. A walk around Trinity College and Grafton street was interrupted by a shower of rain. It was enough to lead us to…


But alas, before that there was…




And a few more on Flickr. More from the awards itself and the all important ‘shoot from the hip with one hand while holding a pint in the other’ session in the coming days. God almighty, I need sleep. That was one hell of a weekend.

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