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Right, time for some waffle. On the 28th October, on the way back from Donadea park in Kildare I was caught speeding after turning from the M50, off the Red Cow roundabout onto the R110. 78km/h in a 60km/h zone. However, on the official notice, it says “N7 NAAS ROAD”. I disputed it at first because well, I wasn’t driving on the N7! I was on the M7, but turned off at Naas to travel north toward the park.

After checking on Irish Speed Traps, it appears that yes, there is a regular checkpoint on the N7/R110. I’ve checked a few maps, including Fingal County Councils (below) own website and all the official ones I’ve checked have the road marked as R110.

Red Cow

So I really wasn’t on the N7 at all! What to do? I’ve got a few days to mull over if I pay the fine and take the points or go to court and possibly get double points if it goes against me. Or possibly get the speeding fine thrown out. I wouldn’t be this mercenary about the whole thing if I didn’t just get my license cleared after over 3 years of being a very careful driver. Well, I’m still a careful driver… I didn’t go mad and start driving like an asshole on the first day of no points!

So, advise please… What do you reckon?

Get the point, not the points!


Back in July 2003 (in the hells angel days), I performed some rather questionable feats of bravery/stupidity on my motorbike. One such feat involved riding around a public park at 11pm one weeknight but that’s not what we’re interested in for the purposes of this post. What we’re on about is the drag race I had with my imaginary friend on the road from Killarney to Macroom. Pulled for speeding; 2 points. Nards.

It came to pass that the points only appeared on my otherwise pristine driving record in October. The 6th of October 2003 to be precise. So we all know what this means. As of right now, this very moment in time I’m 100% points free. Back to 0. Full no points discount on insurance. I’m such a good driver, having managed to evade getting anymore of the dreaded markings over the last tempting 3 years of road rage. So tonight a small celebration to mark the event. Now, I wonder when I’ll get the congratulatory letter from the department of transport?

Motion Lotion


As a somewhat uninteresting note; I’ve been cleaning my van out lately as I’m getting a new one. I’d often wondered how much I spend on diesel and always meant to add up my wad of receipts, another one of which I lovingly stuff into the glovebox every time I leave any one of our nations many Statoil stations. So, without further timewasting, in (almost) the last two years, I’ve spent a grand total of €4374 on diesel alone. Give or take a few pennies.

That’s what? About €2 per week? 62,000 miles later. I’ll leave it to someone to come up with fancy calculations to work out the fuel efficiency of the engine in my heap of shit van. There, just a little tit-bit of information injected into an otherwise slow Tuesday.



That’s right, I’m actually selling my bike! For anyone that’s interested, details can be found here. Be nice, this is a distressing time for me…

How not to drive on public roads


Found this link on the Venturers website.

What can be done with a little practice(23.9MB WMV file)

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