Will Billy Connolly eat his words?


The recent distasteful remarks Billy Connolly made regarding a certain terrorist group beheading a certain British hostage must be ringing in his ears after the news broke in the last couple of days that Kenneth Bigley has indeed been executed after an alleged failed attempt to escape from his captors.

“Will they just stop talking about it and do it?!?” was probably not the gentle touch that Bigleys family needed to hear from such a public figure. This also comes only days after Ken was issed an Irish passport, due to his mother being a native Paddy.

So, the question is, was he finally executed because he tried to escape? Or was it because they were going to no matter what? On top of everything, it’s not a whole lot to say for the myth of Irish neutrality.

Fahrenheit 9/11, a must see!


I recently saw Micheal Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”, a much hyped and award winning film detailing the story behind Bush, the Bin Laden’s and terrorism in America. Like many who have seen the film, I thought it was brilliant. Very well made; one part of the story running smoothly into the other. It is a scathing attack on George W. Bush and does a perfect job of showing him to be the moron that he really is.

I thought it was great and everyone out there should definately see it at least once. Here’s someone that agrees with me, taken from todays Irish Examiner.

I VERY strongly encourage anybody who hasn’t seen it already to go and see the excellent film, Fahrenheit 9/11.

It is directed and produced by the, as always, never-afraid-to-tell-the-truth-no-matter- how-much-this-upsets-many-in-the-establishment-and-their-cronies Micheal Moore.

I am not going to say too much, as this would spoil the plot, except to say that even I was shocked by the sheer scale and gross extremity and antics of the Bush gang ruled by a junta trying to establish a dictatorship in the US using the guise of the war on terror.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a must-see!

Baghdad editor denied voice in Ireland


“We’ll tell you what to think”. You can almost hear Bertie Ahern saying it. Today we slid further toward communism when a Dr. Ibrahim Allawi, a Syrian editor of a Baghdad newspaper was denied access to the country. He was due to speak today and give insight into the lives of ordinary people during the occupation of Iraq.

Instead, he’s being threatened with being stuffed back onto a flight to London if he fails to get a visa.

The Irish Anti-War Movement, which organised the visit, claims it is an attempt to silence critical views on American foreign policy ahead of George W Bush`s arrival in Ireland.

Damn straight! Typical of the “we don’t want to annoy daddy” mentality that’s been increasing of late.
(Source: UTV)

I told you so


Irish government has been asked to allow survivors of torture in Iraq’s prisons to come to Ireland for treatment (and presumably for Irish citizenship!?!)

A South African doctor, who survived torture himself as a political prisoner, says the Irish Government has blood on its hands for allowing the US troops who carried out the abuses to fly through Shannon.

Geez, I & thousands of other anti-war protestors didn’t see this coming. When people were at Shannon airport not too long ago protesting about US warplanes using the airport to refuel, the government thought nothing of it. Bertie Ahern was too busy signing up for the Bush fanclub. If the country as a whole does indeed “have blood on our hands”, how long before it becomes a potential terrorism target? Well, Mr. Taoiseach, what goes around comes around.
(Source: UTV)

Soldier sentenced in Iraq Abuse Scandal


Specialist Jeremy Sivits has been sentenced to one year for his part in the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal.

“I’d like to apologize to the Iraqi people and those detainees,” he said in his statement, according to a report from The Associated Press. “I should have protected those detainees, not taken the photos.”

It’s a bit late now mate…
(Source: CNN)

Rumsfeld Resignation


Michael Berg, father of the beheaded Nicholas Berg, has called for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld (and hopefully the horse-whipping of the entire Bush administration).

I very definitely do hold the Department of Defence, the FBI, the Bush administration and especially Donald Rumsfeld responsible,” Michael Berg said.

Berg was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I would think that as a US citizen, any time is the wrong time to be in Iraq. Maybe that’s just my warped thought process? Will Rumsfeld resign? Will the Bush administration accept responsibility for the death of Nick Berg? Will striped winged pigs fly freely out of my rectum? Stay tuned! (Full Story)

Introducing Nick Berg (for those living under rocks)


This Nick Berg thing. If you haven’t heard about it, where have you been? I know I’m not exactly known for commenting on current affairs or anything but I felt this one deserved a little sceal. It would seem those wacky Iraqi chappies have beheaded one Nicholas Berg, who hails from the US. He was in Iraq trying to drum up business for himself when he went missing, only to turn up in an Al Qaeda home video. In my infinite curiosity (yes, the same one that killed the cat), I fired up Kazaa a few days ago and downloaded the full unedited video. If awarded the benefit of hindsight and keeping the welfare of my nerves intact, I probably would not have downloaded & viewed the video. To say it is horrifying is an understatement. I have it on my webspace however my better judgement tells me I shouldn’t provide a link to it, but I may in the future if I get desperate for content. It seems to be an case of one-upmanship between the USGB and Iraq. (I’m calling it USGB from now on by the way. The good old “United States of Great Britain”.) So anyway. The USGB troops torture some Iraqi’s and it gets televised. Then Iraq thinks “hey, we want a piece of this pie” so they go about kidnapping and beheading a US citizen live on the Internet. Well, maybe not live… but you get the idea. Where will it end? Will we see George Blair or Tony Bush telling bad jokes to Iraqi citizens or the notorious Ozzie Bin Laden tickling some New Yorkers? It’s fucking crazyness.

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