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After ordering my free 10 pack of Moo flickr cards on the 19th September, I was starting to become impatient as to when they’d arrive. No need to begin tearing hair out or grinding teeth, the cards arrived today in the post all the way from London. Reports were correct, the little cards are superb. Both in quality and in functionality. Ok, so they’re inanimate cardboard, but you get what I mean. They’re the kind of carry in your back pocket, give out to friends, impress would-be customers with kinda thing that’ll no doubt be hugely popular. That is, if they weren’t already hugely popular.

Card Holder

They come in a well designed cardboard sleeve that you probably wont want to throw out. I can’t wait to see what the 100 pack come in! Also good news from Julie that their free shipping order has been extended to the middle of October so if you haven’t already (and you have a flickr account), get your ass to the moo website and order your cards now. Brilliant, I’m well impressed. Major thanks also to Damien who posted about the service some time ago.



Just like Donal and a few more, I got an email from Schmap to say 3 of my photos of Killarney (or more accurately Muckross House) have been included in the new Killarney guide, which incidentally can be downloaded here if anyones interested. It seems that some time ago they scoured Flickr and came up with loads of photos they wanted to add to a new set of Irish guides. Pending approval by the photographer of course, which I gave because I didn’t imagine anything would ever come of those three photos otherwise.

IMG_2626 IMG_2689 IMG_2617

Click on any of the above to go to it’s flickr page if you’re interested. So, three more photos out in the wild. Will never see any money for them but hopefully once the Killarney guide gets a few downloads it’ll at least send some traffic to my flickr stream. Maybe not, but hopefully…

Moo(ve) it!


Card to Handle, originally uploaded by richardmoross.

While browsing around earlier I came across this post on Damiens blog. It appears you can now get small calling cards from photos on your flickr stream. A wonderful idea I thought, as I tried to get on to order some. The website seems to be getting alot of publicity right now which hopefully is the cause of it’s unusable speed. After three attempts to use the site earlier I’ve now given up for a few weeks. It’s painfully slow to load, slow to pull in photos from flickr, doesn’t seem to want to recognise flickr sets and the one time I actually managed to pick out ten images and proceed to cropping, the second stage of the order, it stalled. So, I’ve given up for now.

Odd that I blog about it then? Maybe give it a week or three before you bother checking it out unless you’ve got the patience of a saint. I will most certainly be making at least one order when the site responds fast enough to be used, which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

edit: finally managed to get an order through the moo website for 10 free cards. Very simple order process thankfully. Now to wait for the cards!

Nerdy Joy


Just sitting in work now, having had our internet access enabled and am currently downloading from heanet at 2210kb/sec. Incidentally, is pinging 7ms and heanet is coming in around 6ms. Irishisptest tells me I’ve got a 30mbit fibre line all to myself.

Hmm, I wonder how long it’d take to backup the internet?

Time for a new Scamera


While out shopping these days one has to keep their wits about them. Never more so than online. In my recent search for a new camera body, I came across an almost too good to be true listing on buy & sell for a Canon 5D. Now the rough price online for a 5D is up around the €2,500 mark, lots higher than that in Ireland. So I was elated, if suspicious, to see that there was a 5D for sale in Sligo for the amazing sum of €1,400. Hmm, could it be too good to be true? I emailed for further info…

Hello. It was bought in London last september, warranty until september 2008. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.It works 100% perfectly and looks near perfect cosmetically. It is absolutely flawless. the plain reason i’m selling is that i don’t need it anymore.. it was my sons expensive hobby, he quit on it and now we don’t need it.

What will you get ; Original box, The Canon EOS 5D camera itself, Original Canon genuine battery pack, Canon standard battery charger, A/V Cable, USB connector cable, Canon Warranty Card,Original manual (English), Canon software CD’s, Canon neck strap

If you need any other info, write me back.

So it’s only a year old, still in warranty, works perfeclty and has taken little abuse? Wow… Now this has to be too good to be true. I was left wondering if this ‘Anna’ was insane or didn’t actually know the real value of the camera. To add to that, I also got the following enticing images;

5D Scam 2

5D Scam 1

Yup, that’s definately a Canon 5D! My interest piqued but remaining somewhat suspicious, I decided to probe for further info.


Thanks very much for the email, I’m interested in coming to take a look at the camera but wont be available to do so until Monday 28th. Are you actually in Sligo town or the suburbs? I hope to be around the town until at least 4 or 5pm so anytime up to that would suit perfectly. If you want to tell me where you are I can come to you, or we can arrange to meet somewhere.

Also, given that you say it looks near perfect cosmeticaly, I have to ask if there are any marks or other damage on it? If so, could you forward photos of them. Thanks

Standard “I am interested in what you have to sell” response. A bit over enthusiastic perhaps, but understandable given the apparent amazing deal. Ah but hold on. My plans to convey myself to Yeats county fell short on receipt of the following;

Hello. No marks, no scratches, it was very well taken care of..
But, I’m affraid I can’t wait till 28th because i have a dozen men asking me about it and I will surely sell it. For the moment i am in London, trying to solve some probs.
If you know someone here, who might take a look at it, and is ready to close the deal on your behalf, maybe we can still close the deal. Otherwise, i think you should be looking for another camera.
All the best.

So you’re living in Sligo, you’ve got an expensive camera in an awkward shaped box and what’s the first thing you think to pack for a trip to London? Yeah… Now it’s starting to smell of the wacky tabacky. So I know people in London that would no doubt check out this camera for me and if need be, accept a cash transfer for the hand over. A couple of emails went back and forth, I informed ‘Anna’ that I would arrange to meet her upon her return to Sligo as I was eager to see and test the camera. But wait, then I got a reply that knocked me off my feet.

All right, this sounds good, but i realy can’t promise something 100% because i have someother people interested and if i will find someone till then, i will probably sell it.
If not, i will surely call/e-mail you as soon as i’ll be back.
Or, i can just ship it from here and you will have a couple of days to see if its what you want..

Yeah, you’ve read it correctly. You’ve been emailing some guy for a few hours that got your email address off a free ad’s website and now you’re offering to send him a €2,500 camera to test it out for a couple of days. With no further doubt in my mind that this was a scam, I waved bye bye to my bargain 5D and bit down on the bait. I emailed back indicating in no uncertain terms that shipping the camera to me to ‘test out for a few days’ would be the most favorable option. So then the scammers favorite two words came up. Try and guess what they are…

Hello Ryan. I can ship it, and i will do it Monday, you’ll get it 2 days later, and check it/test it until Friday to see if it suits. But, without any disrespect, it is a valuable camera and i can’t afford to waste my time and money.. I will not ask for any advance or something like this, but i will still need a proof you have the money and this is not a joke..
So look what i suggest : you can send the money for the camera through Western Union, to one of your friend’s name and address here in London, i will call Western here and ask them to confirm the transfer, and if they will confirm it, i will ship the camera within 4 hours. Then, you will get it, see it and if you agree to buy it, you will resend the money on my name.. If not, you’ll just send it back, and that will be all.
What do you think about this method?

That’s right, Western Union. What a great name they’ve managed to get themselves from all the worldwide scammers in operation. It’s like the worldwide money transfer service of choice for the discerning scammer. What I was unsure about is, was she expecting me to say “eh, I don’t have any friends in London, can I send the money directly to you?”. Not too sure how she expected this one to work. If I send €1,400 to a friend in London, she shipped the empty box to me and went to collect the money, I’d have already instructed my friend to claw her eyes out. Anyone want to explain this one to me?

So that was that. I wasn’t prepared to waste any more time on this nonsense so the last email I sent back was something along the lines of

“Dear Scumbag,

I’d rather itch my nuts with a rusty cheese grater than send that much money to anyone. It’s perfectly obvious that you are attempting (albeit in a hugely incompetent and comical fashion) to scam me out of €1,400. Please crawl back under your putrid stone and die like a upside down turtle, baking slowly in the midday sun. Also, I’m passing your email address onto everyone I can think of in the hope they may spam you until the day your head is somehow removed from your shoulders, in some kind of comical monty python-esque fashion. I dearly hope I’m present to witness that event.

Good day, you waste of genetic material.”

So, ‘Anna’, who’s email address is, pray that I never learn your true identity. For if I do, I may hound you with bogus correspondence, fake deliveries and eventually; A horrid, 6 hour long kneecapping. That is all. Guess I’ll have to get a 30D as a second (first) body instead.

Wanted; Decent Domain Registrar


Given that GoDaddy sucks the sweat of a dead mans balls (not my words but I fully agree) and WSM are stupidly expensive, who should I move all my domains to when my renewals come up later this year? I was going to move them all to GoDaddy, but after the recent fiasco with one of my now ex-domains, I’m looking for someone else. Any recommendations?

flickr finally gets moving


I realise this is old news by now, but I only discovered it last night and I’m still in awe. I mainly use flickr for photo storage, that is I upload alot to it; not just the one or two from the set I find to be most acceptable. I never know when I’ll want a specific photo or what appeals to what people. I guess it’s nice to have a choice.

Anyway, up till now adding photos to the many flickr groups I’m part of was a one-by-one utter pain in the ringlet. The organizr was no help, only allowing you to click and drag one photo at a time. Given I would upload anything from 30 to 100 photos at a time, adding them to several groups individually was virtual impossibility given that I don’t spent hours sitting in front of the computer anymore.

I was praying for flickr to finally realise that some kind of more sophisticated bulk edit operation was required; as previously it was only possible to batch add tags and other relatively useless information. Ok, so tags aren’t useless, but you get the idea.

Flickr Gamma Organiser

So how delighted was I last night to realise that in the new, overhauled version of flickr and indeed the new overhauled organiser, there is a batch send to group option. You can select a custom set of photos and send them to any group you are part of. About bloody time. I still don’t think much of the layout (although it is a little better than previously). Like many others plauging the flickr forums, I’m waiting for custom skinnable pages to be made available. If ever. This does represent a step in the right direction though and hopefully is the start of a long line of improvements to (dare I say it?) the best photo sharing website on the planet. It seems the move from beta to gamma has suited flickrites well.

Now if only I could just post here more…

10k on Flickr


Just got a warm & fuzzy feeling when I logged onto Flickr and saw I’ve just gone over 10,000 views on my 2,636 photos currently on the site. Bit of a milestone…



An all too forgotten about subject. Whilst doing some reading over on Winds & Breezes I happened across the lego digital designer website. Oh My GOD! Lego! Now the only question remains, do I go to bed or stay up playing with my new lego set? Jesus, it’s like being 10 years old again.

At least now I’ve got something to do at work tomorrow.

Curses, on closer inspection, the digital designer is cack. As a marketing tool however it’s superb! It made me want to go out and spend lots of money on lego.

* This space reserved for a future rant on why lego always has to be something these days. Back in my day we’d get colouded blocks and use our imaginations! *

Perfect Partner


Buy “John Peel: A Life in Music“. Also of interest, the book Amazon reckons is the perfect partner for the John Peel book…

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