Des Bishop in the Opera House


I went to see Des Bishop last night in the Opera House. How glad am I that I booked tickets well in advance? Anyway.. Outstanding show, it even justified the wearage of brown pants as I almost soiled myself several times with laughter. The first half of the show revolved a lot around taking the piss out of the people in the front couple of rows (there had to be a reason I booked seats at the back of the room) and the second half dealt with his upcoming TV show (or have I missed it already?) “Fitting In”. Hearing the stories from some of the most troubled spots in the country, both north and south of the border, told in an absurdly comic manner was lighthearted yet still managed to drive home an important message…

.. but I’m not going to bother with that now.

If I could change only one thing, I’d have had him sing the rebel song at the karaoke night in the loyalist bar in north Belfast. Not because I secretly want Des to be buried alive by ‘the enemy’, but because it would have been his last brave act as a comic genius. Go out with a bang… or several bangs followed by a thud… and alot of swearing. If anyone hasn’t already seen this show (and if it’s not too late) go see it now. It’s hugely entertaining.

I only wish, given the fact that I’m an obsessive compulsive photographer, that I’d managed to sneak in my camera and a couple of lenses to get a few shots. Ah well…



An all too forgotten about subject. Whilst doing some reading over on Winds & Breezes I happened across the lego digital designer website. Oh My GOD! Lego! Now the only question remains, do I go to bed or stay up playing with my new lego set? Jesus, it’s like being 10 years old again.

At least now I’ve got something to do at work tomorrow.

Curses, on closer inspection, the digital designer is cack. As a marketing tool however it’s superb! It made me want to go out and spend lots of money on lego.

* This space reserved for a future rant on why lego always has to be something these days. Back in my day we’d get colouded blocks and use our imaginations! *

Westlife creates news!


Forgive my scepticism, which I hope will not be picked up as anti-homosexual propaganda, but the announcement that Westlife’s Mark Feehily is gay strikes me as odd. Is there always one gay one? Is that the secret to boyband success? This generations Stephen Gately has stood up and spoken of the love that dare not speak it’s name.

Did Boyzone sell anymore records when Gately came out? A nation of mothers, previously scornful of his crafty dance moves and presumed alterior motives suddenly loved him. Good old ‘safe’ men, eh? Teenagers.. well, they’re teenagers. They don’t know what the hell to think even at the best of times. Will Westlife sell more hamfisted cover versions and touchy feely albums off the back of this announcement? Are they even still together? I must admit at being out of the boyband loop somewhat. I wonder if I came out, would I get paid more at work? Hell, I’d wear a sequin dress and call myself Gobnait for a few grand extra per annum.

In what had to be a very badly advised interview with The Sun, he commented;

I am gay and I’m very proud of who I am. I’m not asking for any sympathy or to be a role model to anyone else.

Sympathy? Is he gay and dying? Role model? Is he gay and dying and a superhero? This is the most confused I’ve been so far today!?! If that truly is what he said, which would be a first for The Sun, it’s a very Bushesque remark. If it’s not just a Louis Walsh type plan to extract more cash from teenyboppers parents I’m glad for both him that he’s gotten what was no doubt a weighty secret off his shoulders. In the greater scheme of things however, I don’t see how this is news. Must be a slower than usual day in the offices of The Sun.

Hold on… by blogging this I’m perpetuating the myth that it is news! Damn my hypocritical mouse clicking finger! Damien points out that all the signs were there. Anyone that was paying attention probably noticed all these things already.

The main surprise surely is that some people were surprised. He’s young, loaded and classed as good-looking, that he didn’t have some cute and clever young girl riding him to the altar is a big hint that he’s gay.

I’ll have to try to keep up with the celebrity lifestyles in future. Ah screw it, I’ll pay someone to research and give me the summary.

Red Bull Air Race


Hurrah, I’ve got tickets! My faith is partially restored in the lottery system. Now I find myself hoping that it isn’t as big a farce as the soap box race that took place in Cork last year. Time & photos will tell…

Guess Who?


The highest praise I can offer this movie is “it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be”. That’s high praise really, seeing as this film is basically an inter-racial re-write of “Meet The Parents”. It centers around the relationship of a young inter-racial couple who return to Jersey to meet the missus’ parents. A supposed ‘funny’ situation ensues, am I the only one that thought it was all a little bit too much hypocrisy? Imagine the following; A white girl brings home a black man to meet her family. Her father is visibly outraged and spends the weekend taunting, belittling and generally humiliating the young man because he’s black. That’s racism.

The movie bases itself around the reverse of the above. A black girl brings her white boyfriend home to meet her family. Half of the family are sickened because the man is white and therefore not to be trusted. However, and this is the difference, this apparently isn’t racism. This is entertainment.

Overall, and aside from the fact that this comedy isn’t actually funny in any special way, this film isn’t worth the 8 euro you’ll undoubtably pay to see it.

On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised that the Mahon Point multiplex is quite impressive. This being a recently released film, it was shown in screen 1. The vast, well designed room reminded me of the cinema in Montreal where I saw “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”. I will revisit this cinema, but hopefully not to see the same kind of sub-standard film.

Charlotte Church goes mobile


Charlotte Church has entered the mobile phone scene in the only way a 21st century celebrity can. Topless pictures stored on her boyfriend Gavin Henson’s phone spread like wildfire after he mislaid his phone on a night out in Cardiff. Funny the article should use that word “mislaid” I’m sure that’s one thing he won’t be for quite a while.

When I’m 64


A short note of happy birthday to John Lennon, who would have been 64 today.

Oops shes doing it again?


Ye Gods! Britney Spears has ‘injured her knee’ while filming a video and had to be hospitalised.

The injury occurred after Spears completed outdoor scenes for the video of her new single, “Outrageous,” with rapper Snoop Dogg in New York. Spears was doing choreography when her knee gave out.

Does anyone else remember the last time she went in for ‘surgery’? Yes, the boob job thing. The question is, will she come out of hospital with a mended knee or sporting a pair of D-cups?

“The Day After Tomorrow” could be tomorrow


Is the first of this years top disaster movies just a bit of harmless, special effects laden sci-fi or a warning of what is to come? Roland Emmerich, director of “The Day After Tomorrow” depicts deadly tidal waves, snow storms and to top it all off a new ice age. Another fairy standard ‘world down the toilet’ kind of movie? Ahh perhaps, but with a true-to-life political message.

Emmerich, who helmed the excellent Independence Day and who loves disaster movies, isnít afraid to point an accusing finger towards President Bush and his corporate cronies for driving Earth towards such mayhem.

Itís all the fault of the loggers who chop down the trees, the open-cast miners who claw chunks from the Earth, your next-door neighbours who drive their gas-guzzling 4x4s into town (with just themselves inside); and if we donít get a grip this film wonít be just another chiller, it will be an accurate prediction.

Aside from pointing the accusing finger at the Bush administration, Emmerich seems to be able to spin yet another disaster epic. Irish Examiner columnist gives it 4 out of 5; I’ll have to see it soon and give my own rating.

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