Now Hiring RSS Engineer


An opening exists within the community for a qualified RSS engineer. Must be educated to junior cert level, be able to carry 3 pints at once and have an existence that revolves around RSS. Renumeration to be decided, plenty of job perks including access to company leisure facilities and private jet. For aptitude test, see below.

The RSS at is currently giving the following error;

XML Parsing Error: xml processing instruction not at start of external entity
Line Number 2, Column 1:

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The URL appears to be presenting valid RSS. Diagnose and repair problem in as few steps as possible. Extra marks will be awarded for ease of solution.

Good luck.

*cough, splutter*


I’m back to a steady limp following a server-move by my webhost. It appears all blogs (or possibly any site using a mySQL database was killed for some time before rising from the dead not too long ago. Bad news for any bloggers then 🙁

Cosmetically I’m ok, backend wise still a bit windy. That’s always the case though…



I’ve been doing some limited humming and hawing… Is this a photoblog or simply a blog with photos? This revelation is brought on by a decision to think about (yes it’s all very concrete at the moment) changing the blog format to a more traditional photoblog format. That is, one image front & centre instead of the bog standard listing of recent entries format. I’m puzzled. Am I a photoblogger? Am I a blogger who posts photos? Is there a difference? If I changed the wordpress theme would it change my standing in the blogosphere? Am I going through a bloglife crisis? Yeesh…

I do be famed!


Or something like that. One of my forest park shots (in fact, the one directly below this post) has been featured as photo of the day on The Digital Photography Weblog. I now fear I may dislocate my shoulder trying to pat myself on the back…

Back but gone again.


Phew! Just got back from Sligo to a very wet & soggy Cork. The Lee is almost spilling into the streets but I’m just too tired to mull around in the city wearing wellys and my camera, waiting for it to happen.

Witnessed some more of Irelands famous great drivers on the way back down; so much so that I’m pondering on setting up a message board where people can vent spleen at the whole fog light craze. There’s no fog, why the lights? Anyway, back only for a short stint, off to Dublin on Saturday morning.

More on the Meetup


Previously I hummed and hawed about organising a Photoblogger/Flickr/Anyone interested meetup for sometime…

Following a good response on the original idea, I’d like to propose Saturday the 29th October as the big day. I think the schools are on mid-term around then, which would no doubt make it easier for some to travel. I’m still open to suggestions on a location. Cobh, Co. Cork has been suggested as one possibility; if only for it’s numerous bars and nearby attractions such as Fota Wildlife Park (if wildlife photography floats your boat). I was thinking of somewhere more Galwegian myself or at least somewhere on the road between Ennis and Galway.

I’m open to suggestions and people whinging about the date. I just thought I’d throw something out provisionally so people don’t think I’ve forgotten about them 😉

Edit: If the 29th is no good, please suggest another date. The name of the game at the moment is accomodate as many as possible.

Update again: Now why didn’t I think of that? Gavin brought it to my attention that the weekend of the 29th is the weekend of the Cork Jazz Festival. No you don’t have to have an active interest in Jazz. I’m not even going to say it’d help to have an interest. Personally I can’t stand the stuff. It does however make for some interesting shots. Aswell as avoid obnoxious saxophony(?), there are too many other things to list in the area to do. There, it’s floated. Anyone interested?

Update again again: Converge on the bar in the new Clarion hotel for 2pm ish from where we will plan our photographic attack on the city. Some post-attack drinkies will be had in a non-city centre, possibly jazz free location. Possibly around Douglas, or whatever suburban bar will have us. Be there or be a trapezoid.

Just for you easily confused out-of-towners, heres a Google Earth map to the Clarion

Update 13th Oct: I’m sure this little fact has already crossed the minds of everyone that’s intending on coming to the meetup but if you haven’t already booked a hotel/b&b/hostel/cardboard box then do so now! Jazz weekend is possibly the busiest weekend of the entire year in Cork so if you haven’t already booked somewhere, get booking! If you can’t book something in the city, chances are you’ll get something suburban. Carrigaline, Ballincollig, Douglas, Rochestown, Little Island (new Radison hotel), Glounthane and a few more are all quite close and easily reachable by taxi. If there’s anyone really stuck, I’ve got a tent I can and will loan.

Assorted WordPress Themery


Alas I’m putting together a new site and what better way to do it than with wordpress! At least that’s what I thought. It’s been a few years since I put a html/asp/php site together myself with the likes of dreamweaver so I’m understandably rusty, at least as far as coding is concerned…

I already have 3/4 of the site built in Movable Type, but of course I want to evade the rebuild and rebuild and rebuild again mt lifestyle in favor of a more footloose and fancy free wordpress social stance (or something). I even contemplated paying the God & Goddess of theme over at to build it for me but I suppose I’d feel like I’ve actually accomplished something if I do it myself.

And so (eventually) onto my question. Does anyone know of any theme/template tutorials written with the absolute beginner/idiot in mind? I’ve searched google but trying to piece the bits together is doing my head in. I want something I can upload images to, display them in a couple of different category archives and link to their individual archive pages from those category archives. *phew* That all looked so much more straight forward when I scribbled it down on a scrap of paper last night.

Philip & Madge


Some time ago, two skeletons made their way into our home and perched themselves on the fireplace. Each day we’d find them in different lewd positions, each more tantalising than the last. Then they went missing for a while. We just presumed they’d made their way back to wherever they had come from. Not so. Thus begins the saga of Philip & Madge. Madge is on the missing list, we all fear for her safety but none more so than Philip, her long-term sexual chewtoy.

Phil has become so anxious for the safe return of Madge that he has begun campaigning with cryptic posters and placards; most often in the grassy expanses to the rear of the house. The pent up sexual frustration is killing him; we may have to consider introducing the skeleton of a sheep into the surroundings to calm the atmosphere. He’s currently poised on a plum in the fruit bowl, pondering his next Ghandiesque demonstration.

This might not be photography, but at least it’s somewhat creative!

Now with added randomness!


Following a msn chat with Gavin some time ago on the subject of randomising the header image in a blog, I decided to do a quick bit of surgery. This script from Matt made the whole operation a 1 minute job. Created a few more headers in photoshop, uploaded along with the script, edited the stylesheet and voila!

Now I just have to convince myself I like it. Otherwise it’ll disappear; almost as fast as it appeared…



Would it be too bold to gauge interest in the possibility of a photoblogger/flickr meetup? Initially I’d be looking at holding it somewhere in Cork/Kerry but I am open to any suggestions from interested parties. I think the general format is to meetup somewhere, shoot the hell out of it (with cameras obviously, leave your rifles at home), have a few pints whilst intellectually (or otherwise) digesting the days events.

I know there are a hell of a lot of people around that fall into either the photoblogger or flickr user categories so if interested, sign on the line (or leave a comment, whichever is easier). A little publicity would help too so feel free to link to this from your own blog.

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