Cork blog pints


In case anyone hasn’t already read the post on Damien’s blog, there’s a Cork bloggers meetup tomorrow at 8pm(ish) in Reidy’s, Western Rd, across from the rubble of the old Jury’s hotel.

Just in case anyone hasn’t already read it…

Server move


I’m taking the rest of the working week to facilitate a long overdue server move for this blog. Everything else (,, etc) is already on the new server and as I’ve only got 15 days of this one left until I have to renew or cancel, I thought I better get my arse in gear.

Long story short, the move is starting right about now so expect (I suppose) anything from 2 to 12 hours of downtime while my surprisingly reliable ‘budget webhost‘ gets to grips with the changeover.

Edit 6th April: Seems to have gone fairly well so far. Time will tell and iron out all those little gremlins I’d gotten rid of before I decided I had to move servers.

Oh and by the way….


I am still pimping my new photo(only)blog; Bookmark it / add it to your blogroll and claim your choice of coloured peanut M&M. Terms & conditions apply.

Expanding and moving onward and upward (kinda)


Along the way (and possibly whilst under the influence of some intoxicating substance) I must have decided I had too much free time. What to do with the dreaded time however? Take up a sport? No, too much running and activity. Start a collection? Too much concentration and patience required. I know, what about setting up a new photoblog? Hurrah!

Something I’d been meaning to do for an age and have hinted at here for some time is converting this blog to a photoblog. Very few words, lots of photos. Well when it came to the crunch I just couldn’t kill this site. It’s grown on me, like some kind of artistic fungus…

With that in mind, please visit, re-visit, bookmark and re-visit again my new photoblog; Glassey Alley! Yeah I know, I couldn’t decide on a domain name so went with something dubious. I didn’t want to get or, that’s just too much typing.

The aim of the game is to post one or more photos per day, every day, until the end of time. Well, the end of time or until I grow unable to hold a camera. They might not always be good, you might have seen some of them posted here before or on my flickr account, but hey, I figure I’m reaching a new audience that I could never have here. I’ll still post photos here; this will always be my place to post a new set and have a little rant when it takes my fancy.

So I urge you all to have a look and if you like it, come back and look again soon. As with all blogs, it’s a work in progress. I appreciate any comments or questions.

Back from the Blog Awards


After finding a convenient place to shave my tongue this morning following the previous nights drinking session, I made my way from south Dublin (cheers for the couch Caitriona & Aonghus) back to where I had parked… in Lusk. Eventually found Gavin in Rathfarmham and got back on the long and potholed road to Cork.

So, as you may have guessed it, here come the photos. I made the decision to give practically all of them the black & white treatment ‘cos hey, everyone looks better in b&w! Also, I figure this way I’ll have less people emailing me requesting that their photos be removed from the blog. Congrats to all the winners; I couldn’t be bothered listing them all as it’s been done many times already. Also a huge thanks to Damien who did a wonderful job organising the event and indeed to Rick for ensuring maximum drinking time by not dragging things out. Likewise I’m not going to drag things out; here are a few of the nights photos.








Far more on my flickr account. There’s also loads of other peoples shots available on flickr. It was great to finally put a face to a name for all the fine folks I met on the night, thanks for not vebally abusing me every time I stuck a camera in your face 🙂 (I’ve also decided on some of my now favorite bloggers but I shan’t divulge the details)

Oh and unfortunately my well rehearsed and finely polished acceptance speech goes back into the cupboard until next year. Just in case you hadn’t already figured it out…

Back to the land of 40 shades & all that jazz


Got back into Cork from Amsterdam this morning on a rather packed Aer Lingus flight. Five days; perhaps too much. Maybe next time for a long weekend. For some odd reason the uncontrollable urge to go forth and take photos only dug it’s claws in on the last couple of days. Maybe I just needed the break after all?!?

On hitting the tarmac in Cork airport I learned via text that I’ve been shortlisted for two awards in the Irish Blog Awards; Best Photo Blog and Best Blog Post. A huge thank you to anyone & everyone that voted for me. I, like all my fellow shortlistee’s, will be dusting off the gladrags for the ‘big do’ in Dublin on March 11th.

Back to the subject of my recent return from 5 days of Dutch debauchery; expect a few photos in the next couple of days as return to the idle pleasures of home and turn to processing the shots.

Irish Blog Awards; Voting Open!


Vote for your favorite blog (i.e. this one) now on the Irish Blog Awards website. Winners will be announced on March 11th at a gala evening (can I get away with calling it a ‘gala evening’?) at Dublin’s Buswells Hotel.

I’m nominated in the categories of best photoblog and best blog post, while both myself and Eoin are nominated for best group blog for Munster Pubs. Take yourself over to the voting page, read and indeed click through the various nominated blogs and vote for your favorites. Or, screw all that and just vote for mine. Yep, that sounds good. Think of it as an efficient time saving piece of advice.

Voting finishes up on Friday 17th Feb

If you like what you see…


nominate me! The very first Irish blog awards are up & running courtesy of Damien Mulley and it’s time to get nominating your favorite blogs. Like a politician around election time, I’m out beating down the virtual doors in efforts to get votes…

But eh, no. What I will say though is if you like what you see here on any kind of regular basis don’t be afraid to send in an ol’ message. I might yet win something (if Damien comes up with prizes in time :P)

If you wish to nominate me, send an email to irishawards [at] gmail [dot] com stating you wish me to win the best photo blog category! If not for me, do it for your country!

Edit – 6/2/06
Voting is now open for the Irish Blog Awards. I’m nominated under two categories, best photoblog for obvious reasons and best blog post for my mega-rant on my driving tests. If you like my blog, vote for it here by filling out the form. While you’re there, vote Munster Pubs for best group blog.

Also, to whoever nominated me for best blog post… cheers 🙂

I’m kina sorry now that I didn’t stick myself in for best personal blog too.. Rats!

Version 2.0


I’ve taken the plunge and upgraded to WordPress 2.0. It’s caused some minor headaches with the flickr album plugin so I’ve disabled it for now. Any would-be photo browsers among you can still get them at

For anyone in the same position (thinking of upgrading to WordPress 2.0 and running the beta one version of the K2 theme), it might interest you to know that there is a new version of K2 available to correct all your SQL related woes.

Still more changes


Having gotten a little tired with the same old theme, I decided to try out K2, a delightful little WordPress mod. After a bit of farting around (ok, alot of farting around; I just realised it’s 2am) it’s finally working in some acceptable way. It also means that the one plugin I’ve wanted to get working for yonks is now finally somewhat working. FAlbum is up and whirring away so all my flickr photos are available through that tidy little link at the top of the page. Firefox users may see problems, but IE surfers should be grand. I have no explanation for this and it’s too early/late for further googling on the topic.

Next stop, fixing the RSS. No, I haven’t forgotten about my loyal readers (all 2 of you) with your RSS readers.

Update: Praise the Lord! RSS is now, once again fully functional.

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