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Before the fourth birthday of this blog rolls around next month, I thought I’d revisit an old project. A little over 2 years ago, I first launched Glassey Alley. It was to become a daily photoblog, an extension to this place. When technical problems arose, it quickly ran aground and thus, the end of glassey alley.

Version 2 is back with a vengeance, less ambitious than it’s predecessor but back all the same. I’m going to take a temporary hiatus from this blog and concentrate on glassey alley, so keep an eye over there and I’ll be much obliged if you’ll all once again update your blogrolls with the link of the new site. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe. Every subscriber or comment poster will receive one portion of good will.

So once again (and finally)…

The Shoot with one hand while holding a pint with the other session.


Yikes. Only a week late. As above, these are a few of the photos from the Blog Awards. After the formal winners photos and the official work is over, the drinking begins and the mad session of taking photos of anything that moves begins.


I’ll take full credit for this one before it gets used & abused elsewhere. I did this, send all your royalties cheques and kind words to the provided address.. (It’s possibly partly inspired by a recent re-watching of “Sin City”)


‘Blue Steel’, an incredible reconstruction of the film “Zoolander”.

Y’know what? I just couldn’t be bothered copying and pasting anymore. There’s a whole load more photos and this time, you’ve got a choice of where to view them. You can either flickrise yourself or visit the pixie. I’m off to bed. The perils of going to the pub early on a Saturday night.

Where the hell are the blog awards photos?


Before anyone asks me that, and specifically before anyone asks me why they aren’t up on my flickr account by now; Things are being done a little different this year. “Deer in the headlights” style winners photos have been up on my account for the last few days. Those formal photos will be replicated to my flickr account in the second half of the month.

The “official stuff is over so now I’m going to get pissed and annoy alot of people” photos should, failing some kind of intervention from a force majeure, be on my flickr and accounts tonight. Yes, most of them will be black & white. Indeed, a good number of them are out of focus and badly composed. As you would expect, alot of them didn’t make the cut as they’re of the floor/ceiling/various nondescript body parts.

A few of them are of various people licking Rick O’Shea. I guess it’s good to be the king?!? Right, now back to the photo-processing-fest.

Blog Awards Photoblog Long List


Oh dear, it would appear further inside information on the 2008 Irish Blog Awards long lists has leaked from Award HQ. The list is posted here, but for those of you that loathe following links, I’ll be good enough to swipe it and re-post it here.

That’s some list. I’m glad to see that alot of the people I previously tipped to be on the list are there and of course I’m relieved to see myself there; Although I’d be awestruck if I made it to the shortlist. Most of the list is populated by people I don’t even recognise so I suppose that makes me an old dog in the Irish photoblogging scene. I’d keep up with all the newbies but hey.. y’know what they say about not being able to teach old dogs…



Some good news to come home to; I’m shortlisted for the blog awards! Hurrah! See ye all there on the 3rd! Now if I jet-lagged brain can only figure out what time it is, what day it is and where I am on the planet. Damn timezones!

Nominations now open


Seems like all I’m going to be posting about lately is the blog awards that will take place this March 3rd in Dublin. Well, nominations are now open if you want to head along, fill in the form and nominate your favorite blog (i.e. this one). You can get in there and put your favorite blog on the spot until Friday 26th January so no excuses.

Irish Blog Awards 2007


Damien has announced the 2007 Irish Blog Awards and would like people to leave a quick note if they are attending. It’s penciled in for the 3rd of March in the Alexander Hotel, Dublin city. Very much looking forward to it, although this time as a purely social event rather than a nominee. Last year practically every blogger I’ve read were strangers to me and after meeting them I can’t wait to get back and catch up.

Not to say I wouldn’t be utterly delighted to be nominated in the shortlist again this year, but it’s not a huge priority. This year I’ll be taking on the duty of ‘official photographer’. Hey, does that mean I get a badge or something?!?

What I meant to say was…


I’m going to be away for a week starting from the date of my previous post. But now I’m back so it hardly seems important to even post this…

Away where I hear you scream… Donegal, Antrim, Down and Tyrone mostly… Oh and a bit of Sligo. But as I said, I’m back now.

Free Money? Oh, go on then…


Perhaps there is such a thing as money for nothing!?!

Samsung S500i


I recently won one of these o2 phones in a post-awards draw from the booty collected by Damien for the Blog Awards earlier this year. It arrived not so long ago along with an unlocking code from o2. After entering the code I fired in my meteor sim and gave it a whirl. I was surprised at it’s weight; I expected it to be alot heavier, something that one could beat down a possible assailant with. Not so. It’s light and well formed. I’m not too sure if I agree with the opinion of a co-worker who thought it was “a phone for a fella”.

It started up quite fast (compared to my W800i) and the menu speed and general use of the phone was surprisingly responsive. No waiting for a few seconds while damn menu pages opened and closed. The 1.3 megapixel camera did take a wee bit to click in but that’s fairly normal. One thing I really like about this phone is the ability to take a photo when it’s closed (using the external LCD).

It’s easy to write a text, store a number, look up the calendar, play mp3’s (note the external audio controls). The audio quality of the headset was good enough for me and it was incredibly nice to see that a USB cable came with the phone for connecting it to a PC (and mac presumably). I like it, if only for the design. It has pleasing (if I can get away with using that word) software on it. It seems simple enough for a beginner to the Samsung UI (i.e. me) yet powerful enough that it includes a fairly diverse set of applications, as far as I can see.

And now for the awkward bit. I’m selling it! I got a Sony Ericsson W800i at the end of last year and am not parting with it. I am however parting with the brand new samsung to part finance the purchase of a new lens. If anyone wants to make me an offer I possibly can’t refuse, either email me; mail [at] rymus [dot] net or leave a comment here. That is all.

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