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The Figure in Colour; Gallery ICA



The above photo contains all the words needed for this one so it’s only left for me to add that it’s well worth getting to this in Kinsale on Thursday if you’re free. The couple of photos I’ve posted here don’t do justice to seeing the pieces in person.


So, this Thursday (27th March) from 6-8pm in Gallery ICA (that’s between the Trident and Actons hotel or next to the Yacht club in Kinsale). While you’re down there, buy 5 or 6 of my prints too! Cheers.


Selling a part of the family


Royal Star on the way to Cobh

It all started some years ago when I converted a Drag Star into cash, then after a long drive to Templemore and a short conversation with the unreasonably grumpy owner, I turned cash back into bike. It was the bike I’d been after for some time as what I wanted to do more than anything was load it up and head to warmer climes.

After what seemed like an eternity, that eventually came around when myself and herself hopped on the bike and took it to warmest of warm France via drizzly England. 2500 or so miles later and we were back where we started; Rosslare. So after that, it sat covered in the garage waiting for it’s next excursion. At that stage I’d found a job that offered a company vehicle. Bad news for the bike really. I didn’t fully realise it back then but it wasn’t long before the tax expired, the insurance expired and getting it back on the road seemed less and less likely.

So it sat in the garage under a canvas cover. I still had notions of getting back out on it for the summer but that dream went flat at the same time as the bikes battery. Wheeled out every so often for a wash and polish and once or twice when someone came to look at it. I mistakenly thought it’d be an easy bike to sell because it was rare. In fact, it’s probably the only one in Ireland. (That is, the only limited edition model). In reality though, all this made it harder to sell. I went through some unpleasant telephone conversations with dealers. Self styled motorbike guru’s who each assured me they knew the market backwards. Some offered to ‘do me a favour’ by taking the bike off my hands for significantly less than I asked for. No thanks.

It was listed on various advertising websites for ages and I’d get the odd phone call or email regarding it. Then, a very decisive bike owner from Wexford visited me yesterday and converted bike back into cash. I’ll miss it and I very much doubt I’ll be bikeless for very long but for now at least, it’s as if I’m missing part of the family. The only consolation is that with the cash raised from it’s sale, I can now be debt free for the first time in about 7 years. Well, apart from the mortgage… that doesn’t really count though as we’ll be paying that off for the next thirty years!

The Lough



Spent a most enjoyable couple of hours around the Lough last weekend with Donncha, Donal, Katie, Kevin and Will just about made it! I haven’t taken any photos at the lough in.. well, probably years now. It’s a great spot for Christmas Day to walk off the dinner and test out all that new camera gear one gets for Christmas.

One could quite literally spend hours crouched at the side of the lake with a telephoto lens and a bag of bread bits. Throw a chunk of bread, point the lens and attempt to catch seagulls killing each-other for a nibble. The entertainment knows no limits. Now, I’m off to toast the end of an era. More on that tomorrow evening.

The Nuthouse



Perhaps not the most PC title, but quite fitting. The ‘nuthouse’ is a semi-abandoned asylum on the northside of Cork city in the Sundays Well area. I say semi-abandoned in that three quarters of the (possibly longest in Ireland) building has been converted into apartments. The last quarter sits unused, almost completely gutted and looking devoid of any life or future development plans. It’s almost as if it’s been left alone for some reason.


Now I’m not saying it’s haunted or anything, but given it’s past use and tales of what went on in there in decades gone by, I personally wouldn’t live in one of the apartments if it was offered with a free car and a cheque for €300k. Maybe that makes me superstitious. Or cautious. Or at least I was cautious enough (this time at least) not to try and enter the building via the ridiculously flimsy looking ‘bridge’ (pictured below) that someone had installed in haste. Didn’t really fancy the 20+ foot drop to the glass & various debris littered below.


It’s both a massively interesting building and a bloody massive building. If you’ve walked in the Lee fields or along the Carrigrohane road, you’ll no doubt have looked to your right over the river and gazed at the ornate grey building half way up the hill.


Having said all of the above, if someone offered me a guided tour of both the abandoned and lived in portions of the building, I wouldn’t refuse.. Anyone?

More on flickr.

The Shoot with one hand while holding a pint with the other session.


Yikes. Only a week late. As above, these are a few of the photos from the Blog Awards. After the formal winners photos and the official work is over, the drinking begins and the mad session of taking photos of anything that moves begins.


I’ll take full credit for this one before it gets used & abused elsewhere. I did this, send all your royalties cheques and kind words to the provided address.. (It’s possibly partly inspired by a recent re-watching of “Sin City”)


‘Blue Steel’, an incredible reconstruction of the film “Zoolander”.

Y’know what? I just couldn’t be bothered copying and pasting anymore. There’s a whole load more photos and this time, you’ve got a choice of where to view them. You can either flickrise yourself or visit the pixie. I’m off to bed. The perils of going to the pub early on a Saturday night.

Where the hell are the blog awards photos?


Before anyone asks me that, and specifically before anyone asks me why they aren’t up on my flickr account by now; Things are being done a little different this year. “Deer in the headlights” style winners photos have been up on my pix.ie account for the last few days. Those formal photos will be replicated to my flickr account in the second half of the month.

The “official stuff is over so now I’m going to get pissed and annoy alot of people” photos should, failing some kind of intervention from a force majeure, be on my flickr and pix.ie accounts tonight. Yes, most of them will be black & white. Indeed, a good number of them are out of focus and badly composed. As you would expect, alot of them didn’t make the cut as they’re of the floor/ceiling/various nondescript body parts.

A few of them are of various people licking Rick O’Shea. I guess it’s good to be the king?!? Right, now back to the photo-processing-fest.

That Pre-Awards Photobloggers meetup…


An award winning Photoblogger

I’ll start with this one of an award winning photoblogger. Well done to Claire for picking up Best Photo Blog on Saturday night. Not really much of a surprise (to me at least). For the last 3 or 4 months I’d been of the strong opinion that she’d take it. So much so that I would have given Paddy Power some of my hard earned spondoolicks. Some more winners over on my pix.ie album.

It was great to meet up with a few of the folks for some disjointed photoblogging in the hours leading up to the awards. A walk around Trinity College and Grafton street was interrupted by a shower of rain. It was enough to lead us to…


But alas, before that there was…




And a few more on Flickr. More from the awards itself and the all important ‘shoot from the hip with one hand while holding a pint in the other’ session in the coming days. God almighty, I need sleep. That was one hell of a weekend.

Circles in Stone



Patterns on a decorative stone cross at Monasterboice. Slowly getting through the acres of photos taken at the latest of the boards meetups. Monasterboice was alot smaller than I was expecting, but no less amazing. It remains an active/working graveyard to this day. A few of the graves and other bits & pieces up there date back to the 1700’s! “Written in Stone”, quite literally!

As expected, posting is going to be light until Sunday evening. I’m heading off tomorrow afternoon to begin the weekend’s festivities for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards in Dublin. Looking forward to seeing all the regulars again.

And I haven’t forgotten the deal I made with myself some weeks back; I’ll be treating myself to a pint if my prediction comes up trumps.

Slane Hill


Slane Hill

One from a recent trip around Meath. Last stop of the evening; Slane Hill. More coming soon, or as soon as I get a big processing job out of the way.

Waiting at the Station


End of the Line

For some reason, while the photos were exporting from Lightroom I began to think of this song. Anyway, here are the rest of a few from the train station at Mogeely. I had thought about doing them as an all black & white set but when I started fiddling around with sliders in lightroom I couldn’t contain myself.


Station & Other Buildings

The madness is about to begin. So many trips to Dublin I might as well be living there… Anyway, one for the road.

Waiting for a non-existant Train

Few more of these on flickr.

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