This blog originally started because I was too lazy to update static html anymore. It grew out of an old website where I’d post more or less anything, preferably humourous. Moving forward to recent times and since buying a Canon 20D, the old digital point & shoot has finally been semi-permenantly shelved. Since then, this space has turned into a photoblog of sorts.

I post when I have time, which due to working full-time in the IT sector, isn’t a whole lot. Mostly evenings and weekends when I’m not pointlessly trying to cycle to keep fit. I also run a few more websites including a content rich pub review blog (mostly thanks to my partner in crime, Eoin). I also tip away at keeping a yet another website devoted to my own photography updated but as with many things, time is a restraint.

I used to be a manic biker, the transition to 4 wheels calmed me down alot but I still find myself spending a small portion of every week wishing I was back on my motorbike. C’est la vie!

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