A bit of input needed on this one so read below and share your thoughts.

Idea is to experience the sights and sounds of Trim (which I’m reliably informed is a 45 minute drive from Dublin city for anyone that’s worried about it).

This can be done either one of two ways.
1. Travel to Trim on Friday 19th and on arrival, sample some of the fine beers and stouts available at one of the local haunts. (i.e. few pints, talk shite, get however pissed you want to). Photowalk the following day after a suitably hangover soothing breakfast. Anyone that doesn’t fancy the Friday drive or the drinks can meet up with the rest of the hungover group on Saturday for the photowalk.

2. Travel to Trim on Saturday 20th and on arrival photowalk to take in the sights. Pints that evening if you so choose. Sleep it off in some accommodation yet to be sourced (don’t worry about the details, this post will be updated) and after the same hangover soothing breakfast, take the road of your choice back home.

As far as accommodation is concerned, anyone that may wish to stay over in Trim should indicate either in a comment below or via email to me [mail@glasseyalley.com] so I can get an idea of numbers. As soon as I have numbers, I can check around and find out the cost involved. I’m putting a deadline of 1st February on that, so if you think you may want accommodation, tell me before then.

Update 4th Feb – Accommodation has now been sourced. Call Brogans on 046 9431237 for a B&B rate of €30 per person. Quote ‘photowalk’ when booking. Book early to avoid y’know, disappointment or something.

Incidentally, you can (and should) now follow the progress of this and future walks over on www.photowalk.ie

This post, as you may have noticed, is very light on details. That is quite simply because the details don’t exist yet. When they do, this post will be updated with pricing, location(s) for the photowalk, maps and a breakfast menu. Maybe not the last one, but it’ll be a detailed post.

So fire your comments at me. Hope to see you there!