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When you realise it’s time to go…


Boss: “X piece of software needs to be updated on terminal server”
Me: “I’ve never troubleshooted or even used that software before”
Boss: “Ring programmer there and he’ll tell you what the story is”
Me: Hangs up & sighs loudly knowing full well it’s the start of yet another one of those conversations.
Me: “Eh, boss there said some software needs updating on terminal server. He doesn’t know if the version is up to date or not. User in other office cant login.”
Programmer: “Ah that was updated already. User in other office knows how to login but got error message and didn’t tell me what it was”
Me: “Ok, so I’ll talk to boss and see what the story is”
Me: Hangs up again, redials boss and places head in hands
Me: “Programmer said software is already up to date, user knows how to login but didn’t let programmer know what error message was”
Boss: “Ah, login to user account and try to login”
Me: Logs into server fine but encounters completely nondescript error message
Me: “Error message appeared” (reads error message over the phone)
Boss: “Hmm, don’t know what that is. Talk to programmer”
Me: Hangs up, looks for suicide pill in top drawer. It’s gone.
Me: “Error message appearing here” (reads error message)
Programmer: “Ah, setting is wrong. Change it and try again”
Me: Changes setting, tries, fails. Changes again, works now.
Me: “That seemed to work”
Programmer: “Grand, see ya!”
Me: Hangs up and redials boss
Me: “Changing a setting seemed to do it”
Boss: “Good, ring user in other office and explain how to login correctly”
Me: “But I’ve never used or troubleshooted this. When user asks a question I won’t know the answer”
Boss: “That’s ok. When user asks you a question, come back to me or programmer”
Me: “… ehh.. So I’m just relaying messages between you, programmer and user?”
Boss: “You’ll be fine”
Me: Starts to wonder what life is all about while dialing users extension..

Boss and Programmer are no more than 20 feet apart, separated only by a partition wall. Where’d I put that CV?

God help me…

Back to Square One


Before the fourth birthday of this blog rolls around next month, I thought I’d revisit an old project. A little over 2 years ago, I first launched Glassey Alley. It was to become a daily photoblog, an extension to this place. When technical problems arose, it quickly ran aground and thus, the end of glassey alley.

Version 2 is back with a vengeance, less ambitious than it’s predecessor but back all the same. I’m going to take a temporary hiatus from this blog and concentrate on glassey alley, so keep an eye over there and I’ll be much obliged if you’ll all once again update your blogrolls with the link of the new site. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe. Every subscriber or comment poster will receive one portion of good will.

So once again (and finally)…

Chase me Damnit!


Chase me Damnit!

Another from Rocky Bay, this time practically right out of the camera. Slight boost in contrast, bit of sharpening and send to flickr. Nice to see that Claire finally buckled under the immense pressure and bought herself a 5D. Bad thing about that is, now she’ll be making the rest of us look even more like rank amateurs (as per usual).

The studying for the third module of the CCNA continues. Exams this Wednesday and Thursday. Good God how glad I’ll be once this course is over!

Cut a Canyon



Water running towards the sea and cutting into the sand along the way. The ever wonderful yet little visited Rocky Bay in Cork. Went down the other day during the golden hour and felt immediately inspired. Such amazing light. All you’re going to be getting over the next week or so are Rocky Bay shots! 🙂

Back; Photos Soon!


Having returned from a short stint in the land of mystery, ghouls and ghosties (most people call it Edinburgh), I’m playing catch up again. Photos to process, college stuff to gain some sort of an understanding of and exams to do in a couple of weeks. It was a nice break, but damned if I don’t need another holiday right away to make up for the stress of being back. Good to be back to my comfy bed, big TV and the familiarity of good old routine. Photos in the next couple of days…

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