An award winning Photoblogger

I’ll start with this one of an award winning photoblogger. Well done to Claire for picking up Best Photo Blog on Saturday night. Not really much of a surprise (to me at least). For the last 3 or 4 months I’d been of the strong opinion that she’d take it. So much so that I would have given Paddy Power some of my hard earned spondoolicks. Some more winners over on my album.

It was great to meet up with a few of the folks for some disjointed photoblogging in the hours leading up to the awards. A walk around Trinity College and Grafton street was interrupted by a shower of rain. It was enough to lead us to…


But alas, before that there was…




And a few more on Flickr. More from the awards itself and the all important ‘shoot from the hip with one hand while holding a pint in the other’ session in the coming days. God almighty, I need sleep. That was one hell of a weekend.