The Suspiciously Located Daisy

A few miles outside Skibbereen, in the general direction of Castletownshend (and down a back road somewhere on the way back to the main road from Tragumna beach) theres a graveyard that save for a few headstones erected in the last 20 years, looks deserted. Most of the graves are marked by simple flat stones, devoid of markings or descriptions. It’s an eerily serene place to be. Standing in the middle of the graveyard half concentrating on taking a photo, all I could hear (apart from Trilo running around) was the sound of the waves breaking off the rocks some fifty yards away.

Buried by the Sea

Castletownshend was, as I thought it might be, deserted. Probably a place I’d go back to when the inclination strikes though. I’m trying to compile a list of places for a whistle-stop photo tour of west Cork during the summer. I’ve got a few so far, but I want to make at least a day of it. Possibly two days. One more before I go, but there are a couple more of them on flickr.