Given that I’ve got a few sets of images taken over the weekend to process, I decided that instead of doing one set at once, I’d do one image from each and finish up later in the week. This was taken in a small graveyard outside Skibbereen in west Cork. An easy place to find (although granted we weren’t looking for it at the time) so I’ll easily be able to find my way back there should the desire strike me. It’s overgrown, old and the kind of place where many of the graves are marked simply by a large flat stone. No identifiable engravings, no fancy marble or limestone, just big flat rocks.

So, shortlists are out for the blog awards and I’m pleased to see I’m on it along with a few fellow boardsies. The short list is in fact a very long list if you look down through it. I’m not terribly pushed about who gets through to the final list but I think I’ll stay quiet on the subject of who I’m tipping to win at the moment. If I’m right, I’ll buy myself a pint on the night of the awards to celebrate!