[insert motivational phrase here]. Something like ‘start as you mean to go on’ maybe? Is that motivational? These are two shots from the resulting haul of photos from my first wedding of the year and as you’ve figured out by now, my first wedding with a 5D. I’m pretty happy with the results, my good shot to junk shot ratio is tilting in a favourable way. It’s getting to feel now that I no longer have to take 6 shots of a particular scene to get one good one. The 30D was relegated to my shoulder all day. The first wedding I’ve done with only one camera. There was still a bit of lens swapping going on. Moved between the 70-200 f2.8IS and the 50 f1.8 a bit.

Overall a very positive move, even if some of the gadgeteers are scoffing that the 5D is two year old technology. It’s still better than alot of current cameras. Definitely the best camera I’ve used so far. So good in fact that my financial controller has sanctioned the acquisition of at least one new lens. It’s a red letter day in the rymus household.


So why only fairly generic detail shots? Where are the portraits and the candid moments caught by this now increasingly motivated second shooter? I’m fairly hesitant to start posting full results from weddings to flickr (or anywhere online for that matter). Ok so I still own the copyright and all that legal stuff but I’m unwilling to deal with any complaints that may surface from anyone seeing themselves on my flickr stream or this blog.

When time becomes freer, I will be updating my own website with a portfolio of wedding shots. I think they’d be more suited there in a portfolio format than being posted on flickr perhaps… Opinions?