Having completed all my (two) end of module exams, I find I have a smidge of free time over this week. So, it’s a good time to get some of the processing backlog out of the way. Took the all too familiar road between Killarney and Kenmare a few weeks back to capture some mountains and those wonderful lakes.


Some of them didn’t process as well as I had hoped, possibly due to my lack lustre photoshop skills? Either that or the fact that I had to do extra cloning and spot removal because my ND filters are absolutely filthy. As darkness began to fall, we reversed direction from Molls Gap and drove back to Killarney in efforts to get the type of ‘silky water’ shots I posted above (and below).


All in all, very nice to get back out with the camera. Haven’t shot anything recently except weddings and when the weekends come around, I’m less inclined to get out with the camera than I have been previously. Had planned a session with the macro lens last weekend but it went by the wayside when I discovered a pot of paint, a roller and a sitting room in need of redecoration.


That’s about all for now. Have many more to process and if I’m feeling adventurous, I may even post up some of the more anonymous wedding shots. T’ra now!