I got to thinking recently about 86ing my Sigma 24-70 and investing the difference in a Canon 24-70L. It’d be the long slippery slope toward doing the same with my beloved Sigma 30 f1.4 and replacing that with a Canon 35L. Then eventually (some time next year), doing the same with my 20D and replacing that with a 5D, or it’s replacement coming out next year (according to the rumour mill). But anyway…

Float (again)

Much like this one from some time ago. I suppose it’s good in a way. I don’t have much opportunity to test out the 24-70L, so it’s hard to really see the difference between the two lenses. I can thank the poorly stocked photo shops of Cork for that I guess. If it’s anything like my Canon 70-200, it’ll boast sharper, more contrasty and overall more ‘L’ looking results. If you get my drift..

Don't you wink at me!

So… currently unsure as to what to do next, I’ll go and drink alot of black coffee and it’ll come to me in a caffeine induced madness later on. Incidentally, if anyone out there is interested in buying a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 and a Sigma 30 f1.4 (and possibly a Canon 20D) give me a shout. My latest excuse for the lack of updates is that I’ve started a CCNA course that’ll run until June next year. There’s nothing I love more than theory by the bucketload. Mmm Hmm theory. *Groan*