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Cork Womens Mini Marathon



Apparently, there were 10,000 participants. My new-found inspiration for event photography was also led by a need to work on a project I’ve set myself. I’m currently calling it “develop a bloody portfolio” but I’m sure I’ll change that as soon as I think of something sufficiently swanky.


I’m not saying I want to turn pro; while I wouldn’t mind having enough work to justify it, I don’t think I’m quite at that point. Maybe in 6 years, 2 months and 18 days. Or less. Or more. I’m fairly happy doing what I’m doing right now. Taking photos, eventually processing them and putting them on flickr for no other purpose than to display them to every Joe Soap on the planet.


HOW and ever, I am making deliberate strides toward building a specific body of displayable work in some specific areas. If that’s not beating around the bush enough, I can go on like this forever. I figure if I’ve got a dozen or so decent images in each area and about 400 or so decent images in the area I’d like to get more work in, that might inspire the general public to part with their hard earned cash. Surely that’s the hardest task of all…


Overall, at least with this set of images, I think I’ve managed a few that are at the very least newspaper worthy. No I didn’t get any names of anyone, mostly because it’s a task I abhor. I’ve no doubt that’ll come eventually and I’ll develop the skill to work with people overnight in some flash of inspiration. Then the sky’s the limit. Model shoots in studios (if there was a damn studio for rent in Cork), weddings, funerals, sports events and everything. Well, maybe not funerals. Not yet anyway.

It’s making me tired just thinking about the whole thing. I’ll just keep telling myself that it’ll all be worth it in the end. There are more of these on flickr if you’re of an inquisitive nature. Until the next time, I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground for events.

Designers Day Off


Just before I get back to processing and posting images, I thought I’d take the opportunity to take the piss a bit. While enjoying my coffee the other day at work, I found myself wondering where the graphic designer that created the wrapper for the chocolate biscuit I was about to devour hungrily studied.

Milk Chocolate Digestive Bar

Clearly a work of designer genius. Unfortunately, the chocolate was as bland as the container…

Back to Normality?


Nuts. Just plain nuts! Eoin, one of my best friends and co-founder of Munster Pubs is getting married tomorrow and so the last few weeks have just been plain nuts. No salt, not roasted, just plain bloody nuts! I’d been doing odds and ends in the run up, including helping him name the tables after Beatles song titles, which took up alot more time than I thought it would. Mostly down to my own procrastination as per bloody usual. But then, Wednesday came around and I finished my task. I was actually looking forward to sitting down and clearing some of the several month processing backlog I’ve found myself in.

Then, on Thursday morning, Eoin decided it’d be great if I made a speech. Hmm, not too sure about that one. I was all set to tell him it was a bad idea when we met in the pub on Thursday night, but as these things often go, after a few pints of the devilish black stuff (Murphy’s of course) were consumed, I decided that not only was it a good idea to make a speech, it was the best idea. Right up there with hotpants and sliced bread. It seems I was railroaded into it by myself. Dang.

The following morning, wondering what I’d say and how I’d say it gave way to wondering how much I could say before getting asked to sit down. I was up on 2 A4 pages before I even realised I started. To put it as I can only understand it, I blogged with pen & paper. Having never written or delivered a speech in my entire life, I can only hope it comes off as well in delivery tomorrow evening as it sounds in my head. Then again, I think everything is a bit rose tinted in there lately.

So once this weekend is over, I can possibly get back to processing. Hooray. The only thing that I’m left to worry about after this is that once the first of my school friends is married, where does it all end?

Fota Wildlife Park


Really Movin'

Following the great day out at Fota Wildlife Park on Saturday, I’ve once again found myself with oodles of shots to work through. The backlog of shots seems to get longer with each passing week. Anyway…

Darren put us all to shame with his monster of a supermodel of a whale beating prime lens. What a beauty. Looks like Barry and himself got some great shots. Can’t wait to see what Treasa produces. All I’ve put up so far are Cheetah shots, for a few good reasons!

Mmmm Lunch

Every time I’ve been in Fota in the past, the cheetah’s have been practically hiding in a slumbering state on a large mound of earth in the end of their pen. That mound of earth sat a good 30 or 40 feet away from the only spot the public could view the animals from. Seems that’s all changed. There are more pens that bring them closer to the public and indeed a new installation where they feed the cheetahs that actually makes them work for their food. After all that, and as if it wasn’t hard enough to photograph a cheetah running at God knows how many mph, you also have to contend with a chainlink fence and trying to get that as far out of focus as possible to make it invisible while keeping the cat in focus. Not easy. Managed it a few times through a mix of sheer luck and law of averages.

Chasing the Chicken

For now, only cheetah’s. In a week or so, maybe more. Lots of processing to be done. The full set will be on flickr as usual. For now, the cats will keep you company.

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