Back after I shot my first wedding, I got to thinking how if I was ever going to do this again, it’d be an advantage to have either a full frame camera or one that exhibits very low noise at high ISO. I also got to thinking how the 5D might be an ideal upgrade, first selling off my beloved 20D and buying the new body. Then I held the relatively new and generally unavailable 1D Mark3, purchased several weeks ago by a freakishly lucky, gadget loving friend. It’s a camera and a half; Maybe a camera and three quarters. It’s not full frame but it comes pretty close.

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Advantages over the 5D may include 8fps extra, weather sealing, more focus points than you could shake a stick at, ISO6400, speed(?). Disadvantages? It’s not full frame, it’s about twice the price and there are reports (mostly from people seemingly obsessed with ranting) about focus problems. Oh and it doesn’t seem to be available in any great numbers yet. At least not the last time I checked.

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As you’ve probably guessed by now, these photos were taken with a 5D and my splendid Sigma 150mm macro on Youghal beach in east Cork. Hopefully I should get to do the same with the 1D Mark3 at some stage and compare the two results. Maybe I’ll even be in a position to buy one of them once I sell my bike. Until then, I’ll do the lotto. Hardly any point now that the big jackpot has been won…

These and a few more are on flickr if you want a closer look.