Last weekend, I took myself down to Charlesfort outside Kinsale to watch the fireworks display for the opening night of Kinsale Art Week. I assumed the place would be a mess of people, all scrambling over each other for the best spot to view the show. I was wrong thankfully. Although the fireworks started about 20 minutes late, it was better than if they had started on time. Woe unto the person that lights the first fuse when the sun hasn’t completely gone down.

I’ve gotten seriously behind on alot of photo processing I had planned, so much so that I had to rush the processing of holiday photos for printing this week. Not the most hugely important set of photos in the world, but given that they were taken in February, it was about time something happened. Instead of waffling on about how much work I have to do, I think I’ll just go and think some more about doing it. Seems reasonable…

This one needs to be viewed big!