So, been all over the place mentally in the last couple of weeks. Well, in the last year truth be told. I was asked about this time last year to shoot a wedding for someone who’d seen my photos on flickr and liked the look of them. I agreed, but under the understanding that I’d never done a wedding before, didn’t know what I was doing and was only an amateur photographer. It’s often said that technically, once you start accepting payment for jobs, you’re a professional. I’m not too sure about that.

So last weekend I found myself driving toward the brides house, having had a Carlsberg assisted sleep the night before (otherwise I’d never have got to sleep thinking about it). I was so nervous about screwing up the photos I couldn’t eat, think straight or well, even hold my hand steady. I arrived (well, we arrived. Myself and my wonderful assistant) and within 5 minutes I was being driven by pure adrenaline. I can’t describe or explain how incredible it was to be working around a family that are so welcoming, accommodating and downright friendly. I had to constantly remind myself that I was there in an official capacity and wasn’t actually a long lost brother!

The nerves melted away as I shot the process of hair, makeup, champagne, flowers, dresses, decorations, black suits and coloured dresses. Amazing. After that, we raced (is it still a race if you’re in gridlock?) to the church to get there ahead of the brides car. We won. The ceremony commenced and I’m pretty sure I managed to keep out of wedding video, and out of the way of the wedding videographer. On a quick review, I knew I had some decent shots ‘in the bag’ so to speak, and some further ones that would be in the same bag once they were run through photoshop.

Some formal’s outside the church after alot of running around (with horrifically squeaky shoes I might add) and then onto the park beside the hotel for some further formals (and almost a dip in the lake). Raced back to the hotel, couple more formals and a few candids before dinner. Ahh relax. Then some more during the speeches and finally the first dance before backing up the many, many photos I took to my laptop.

So I realised a few things during the course of the evening…
1. The 20D needs to go.
2. A 5D or something like it needs to be acquired.
3. I could do another wedding…
4. I need lucozade

Along with things I’ll never be able to describe, I’ll add my eternal gratitude to that list. Without Mary and John, I may never have gotten a start in wedding photography. I’d been wondering for a while if during my first wedding I’d either have a complete nervous breakdown or develop a taste for more. Like having one pint when you know you can’t have anymore for a while, I’ve now got a taste for more. So thank you, have a wonderful honeymoon and indeed, wonderful lives together. Thanks to your families who were possibly the most pleasant people I’ve ever met. To say the whole thing went smoothly is an understatement. Now to pluck out the good stuff.