IMG 2118

Yet another recent meetup in Avondale Park in Wicklow. Held on the same weekend as the previous Ireland’s eye meetup, it was almost refreshing to get home for a rest. It hasn’t taken me 18 days to process and get these on flickr, it has however taken me that long to get them on here. I’m going to place the blame completely on a usual mix of laziness, not bringing my laptop into work so I can hammer away at it over lunchtime and oh, the related stresses of buying a house. Phew.

IMG 2169

The park itself is an impressive size, taking several hours to only partly explore. The only great shame of it is the honking great train track intersecting part of the landscape. Not too bad on it’s own, but considering a commuter train to Dublin races over it every so often makes it less appealing.

IMG 2089

The weather wasn’t the most superb but then who really cares. Damp forests always look better than bone dry ones, it’s like a law of nature! Did alot of different messing around with these in my new favorite RAW processing toy (lightroom) so it they look different from others I’ve posted before, there’s your reason.

IMG 2369

That’s my lot until the next boards meetup, given that I haven’t had the opportunity or the inclination to take the camera out of it’s bag since returning from Dublin/Wicklow. There are of course more on flickr, should your critical eye need some fodder.