Just before the blog awards back in March. While exploring in the Lusk/Rush/Skerries area in the hours before the ceremony, we came upon a beach (prizes if anyone can tell me where it is from the photos I’ve posted on flickr).

IMG 9135

Sweeties on the sand? Jewels on the jetty? Hardly. Heineken in the harbour! The beach was strewn with more rubbish and what eventually appeared to be either oil or sewage than I’ve seen on any beach for a long time. Nevertheless, it was still a good place to waste a few hours before engaging in the toils and related stresses that you get driving into Dublin city. Or at least the toils and related stresses I get.

IMG 9085

IMG 9108

There are a couple more on flickr, but nothing spectacular. On a related note, it pains me muchly to report that I haven’t raised the camera to my eye in about two and a half weeks now. Depressing or what?!? I’ll have to think of somewhere to take photos this weekend before I go completely mad.