While at Photofest last weekend, I had the utter jaw dropping glee of witnessing the photoshop skills of one Guy Gowan. Now I may be no photoshop genius (or even a beginner for that matter) but this guy blew what little bit I know out of the water. Judging from the gasps and nervous giggles from the audience, a lot of people felt the same way as I did. Well we (some of the crowd from boards) got to thinking how cool it’d be to get Guy over to do some actual lessons, instead of the informal “here’s how I do this and this is why it’s cool” setup that photofest was. Say 1 full day in a venue in Dublin. How much would you pay to pick the brains of a master of the processing work flow?

The venue, date and price for this day are currently undecided (indeed the price cant be figured out until numbers of people are tallied). It costs €1500 plus expenses to get Guy over for one day, so ideally we’d be looking for a group of 25 to 30 or over to keep costs down. Short of paying several thousand euro for dedicated one-on-one photoshop lessons, this could be the best learning opportunity to come up in a while.

If you’re interested, leave a comment here and I’ll compile all the names along with the people currently interested on the boards thread. Hell even leave a comment if you think you might possibly be interested. With enough people, this could just get cheap enough to do twice!