IMG 0712

One of the two impossibly beautiful Harley Davidsons parked on the Promenade in Lahinch. Coincidentally enough, some hours earlier we had passed the two bikes in a petrol station in Charleville, presumably as the lucky owners stopped off for a cup of tea. It’s been a while and a bit since I last saw an entire bikes worth of chrome polished up to a perfect mirror finish so this was a rare treat.

IMG 0714

As I sprawled myself around on the ground beside the two bikes, I became oblivious to the fact that the owners stood behind me watching intently as I photographed their pride & joy. Didn’t really matter though, they were both nice fellas (as bikers often are).

IMG 0728

IMG 0721

Ah tis the life for me. It has further spurred me on to getting my bike in a roadworthy state. Needs servicing, tax, insurance and a few hours of re-education in the skill of riding a bike that weighs more or less the same as a ford fiesta. There are a couple more of the same thing on flickr, along with a few more from Lahinch.