IMG 0417

What better place to be on a cold and wet St. Patricks day than at the beach. After a handy tip off from she who knows about this kind of thing and given that I was going to be in Sligo over the festive weekend anyway, we headed down to the ever wild and windy Strandhill beach in the hope of catching some great kite surfing action. Only, we didn’t.

IMG 0002

It seemed that the poor weather kept some people away, while others just setup their kit, stood around on the beach for a bit, then gave in and went home/to the pub. For what was billed as a kite surfing meetup, I think there was a total of 4 people in the water. So hugely disappointed was I that I only took about 500 photos…

IMG 0051

Well, 500 isn’t alot really… Given that only about 20 or so of them made it onto flickr. We eventually got bored when it seemed the dire weather wasn’t going to make a move anytime soon, so climbed we back into the car and drove we away did. Such excitement at the prospect of a huge kite surfing meetup. Ah well. At least we got a nice lunch out of it. Few more on Flickr.