IMG 9561

Last weekend I went to Dublin for a very weary meetup and spent most of the weekend either driving, sleeping or wishing I was eating. You know you’re getting old when it takes you over a week to recover properly from the ill effects of a few late nights.

IMG 9701

The original purpose was to go up to learn some photoshop (which I badly need to do). As expected, the amount of photoshop knowledge I retained from the trip could be successfully documented on the back of a grain of rice. There is much one-to-one education required methinks; I’m not as quick off the mark as I used to be (?)

IMG 9547

IMG 9757
The crowd, taken from inside a tree. I shit you not…

For my next trick, a big meetup of any interested photo bloggers, flickr users and boards users. Probably in Dublin, more than likely in the summer. Watch this space, I’ll eventually get the details worked out. Until then, there are more from Balbriggan on Flickr.