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Same bat time, same bat channel. The 2007 Irish Blog Awards (held last Saturday night in the Alexander Hotel in Dublin) went off without a hitch despite being a much larger affair than the previous year. There are now 21 (open to correction) categories and many thousands of bloggers all clambering to get their hands on the new & improved trophy. As you can see from the photo above, there was quite a turn out (well, thats only a small percentage of who turned up really). If you can’t see yourself in the above photo but are damn sure you were in it, try the larger version.

IMG 9175

There were a whole load of somewhat familiar faces there (well, I was quite drunk at the last one) along with a freakish amount of new ones. Blogging really has caught on! I’m not going to post a long, drawn out list of winners, sponsors and vital statistics, everyone has already gone through that almost a week ago now. I did get to photograph almost everyone (who won anyway) in a kind of ‘carry-on’ hurried sense. A queue formed behind me at one stage, that’s how fast the ‘giving out awards’ part of the night went. Couldn’t wait to get to the drinking part I suppose.

IMG 9192

Rick O’Shea performed admirably yet again as MC, I’m no longer in any doubt that he’ll be called upon year after year to do more of the same. It was great to meet all the same old crew as last year, along with a few new faces. I’m not going to list everyone, I’d be here all day.

IMG 9191
Rick the MC.

IMG 9244
Damien accepting his “Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere” award

These and more of this kind of thing in the flickr set.