Starting to feel that Montreal really is home now. It’s only been (almost) three weeks but already I feel like I’ve been here longer. Must be all the travelling around that did it. On that note, we returned from a stormy and snowy Boston last night after a massively delayed flight.

Back Bay Rooftops

The snowstorm that hit much of the upper part of New York state whipped into Massachusetts on Wednesday, leaving us hotel bound for much of the day. Better that than endure the torture of freezing hail, hidden 6″ deep puddles of almost frozen slush and those crazy crazy Boston drivers. As a result of the poor weather the photos from Boston are lacking somewhat, including the mammoth session I wanted to do around the grounds of Harvard. Ah well. It was my first time back in 10 years, maybe I’ll get those photos in 2017!?!

Risky skating on the common

Boston Common proved to be rather entertaining for a stroll, not only due to all the footpaths being locked under a few inches of ice…

Perhaps more in the coming couple of days before returning to the mother country early next week… (Maybe)