Hotel De Glace - The Ice Hotel

I thought I’d seen some pretty cool stuff in my so far limited time on this planet, but after seeing the ice hotel just outside Quebec City, I’m blown away. An entire hotel, complete with bar, nightclub, chapel and numerous rooms and suites all entirely composed of ice and snow. I’m in awe.

Dog Sledding

Also muchly in awe of the strength of the dogs (granted I had a full 8-dog-power at my disposal) during our stint at dog sledding. Didn’t get a whole load of photos of this one, too much time was spent both enjoying the ride and of course, enjoying piloting the sled. You can have your fast cars and jet planes, the best buzz is being pulled around on a few sticks of wood held together by string by a team of 8 unfathomably energetic dogs. I need a rest…