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Low Tide



Back to the Gearagh for the first time in ohh, nearly a year. This time later in the day and lower tide than the previous visit. At low tide, huge banks of earth and mud are exposed, some of which are solid enough to walk on. Just be careful where you walk; Advice I could have taken myself as I quickly sunk into a particularly soggy spot. Praise the Lord for the invention of waterproof shoes.


Got to use my super compact, super plasticy 50mm f1.8 for the first time in ages, lot easier to carry that around than a 70-200 f2.8. Didn’t get too far down the trail before it got too dark to continue and by the time we got back to the car it was almost too dark to see where your feet were meeting the ground. Good job then that we didn’t continue any further into the wooded area, lest we become unwilling participants in a reconstruction of a blair witch film. But not the second one, that was crap.


So, before 2006 turns into 2007 all thats left for me to add to this post is “Happy New Year”. More of the same kind of thing in the year to come. But before any of that, more of this same kind of thing right now on flickr.

St. Stephens Day Motocross



Something a little different this year. Different than watching the wren boys and then having to suffer the sight of the annual stiff upper lipped fox hunt. This time to Vernon Mount to enjoy some motocross. Better than staying at home!




That was the extent of my St. Stephens Day action. Well, there was some food, drink and more bloody chocolate… More of these on Flickr.

It’s beginning to look alot like…


… the festive season is done and dusted (almost). Never a great lover of Christmas day, I’m only too happy to while away the evening drinking my free Heineken and watching what seems to be the same old TV shows and films I was watching at exactly this time last year… Coincidence? No, it just seems that the assistant patron saint of Christmas time is Willy Wonka.


The Dove from Above, out floating in the lough over the festive season. The one place that the majority of Cork seem to congregate to walk off their Christmas dinner on the big day. I had every intention of taking my usual spin out there to do the very same, but laziness (and Monsters Inc.) decided otherwise on my behalf.


Again in the lough, a traditional seasonal scene that was last night thumping out carols over a megaphone. Quite an oddity to come upon while walking around the perimeter of the lake on a dark winters evening. A couple more of this sort of thing on flickr.

To all my loyal readers, occasional glancers and perchance googlers, Happy Christmas and enjoy the rest of the season. Thanks for your views and comments over the year, they’re all appreciated. Now, c’mon the new year!

Birthday stoll on Inchidoney beach


Kite Surf... with no waves and very little wind...

Earlier this month, some of the process of ‘aulding’ (that being, growing one year older) was partly practiced on Inchidoney beach in west Cork. Pity the weather didn’t hold up as well as it did the previous day, but one could hardly complain.


It seems lately the only place I get the camera to in some kind of organised fashion is the beach. That’ll be the reason for the numerous photos of assorted stuff that’s washed in from the sea. Have to diversify, must ‘think outside the box’ more. Time to push the boat out and other equally annoying phrases.


One lost shoo shoo


Bits and pieces, few more of them on flickr. Next stop Christmas eh?




A collaborative effort by several photographers (including my very own self), raw is now on sale on lulu. I got my copies earlier this week and was amazed by how well designed the book is; Major credit due to the dedicated folks who undoubtably lost sleep to get the whole thing done & dusted before Christmas. It’s nice to once again be in print and have something to stick next to my copy of “Us” on the bookshelf. So, it may be a little late to get it for Christmas presents at this stage, but anyone who is interested in photography, landscapes or indeed Ireland or the work of Irish photographers should pick up a copy.

one of my pages in the book

It’s a hardbacked, full coloured masterpiece! Hopefully appearing in bookshops near you soon!

More Stormy Action



Last few from Garrettstown, apres soaking of both myself and several other unfortunates. These are a mish-mash of mostly massive waves and examples of a horribly filthy sensor paired with streaky, seawater spattered filter (as above).


… and some near misses, like getting back to the car fractions of a second before it was completely covered by several large waves.






Then things got a little too adventurous. You know things are going to end badly when you start following steps down to the beach armed with a 10mm lens. Thankfully, I didn’t get too far down toward the sand before the waves had me flying back up the steps.


Not so much brave as morbidly stupid. Gave up on that idea for the good of my camera and retreated back to the relative safety of the beach.

Soaked to the skin


Anatomy of a Soaking #11

Seems as winter is drawing in I’m spending more and more time in & around Garrettstown. This was a great opportunity to visit as a huge storm was beating the hell out of the beach (and anyone brave enough to get close enough to it). Like those two unfortunate people above, who I managed to catch a series of while holding back my own storm of laughter.

Anatomy of a Soaking #1 Anatomy of a Soaking #2
Anatomy of a Soaking #3 Anatomy of a Soaking #4
Anatomy of a Soaking #5 Anatomy of a Soaking #6
Anatomy of a Soaking #7 Anatomy of a Soaking #8
Anatomy of a Soaking #9 Anatomy of a Soaking #10

Maybe it’s just me, but I found the whole thing sidesplittingly funny and tragic in almost equal proportions. I’m just an asshole I suppose. As it happens, I got a few more of people being soaked in unique ways so not the worst day I’ve ever spent at the beach.

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