Old Head of Kinsale #1

Recently purchased a Cokin ND8 to give me a couple more stops over my currently ND2 grad. On a recent trip to Garrettstown, yes Garrettstown again I decided to give it a whirl to see how I got on. Of course I didn’t realise until I got home how filthy my sensor was so much photoshop dust removal later, here are some of the results.

Sea Wall


Old Head of Kinsale #2

It’s much nicer to be able to get that couple of stops lower, and having bought a suitably sized adapter, it’s good to finally be able to use the cokin filters on my sigma 10-20 for those ultra wide landscape shots. Of course it means that from now on, or at least when I go out intending to get long exposures, my camera’s sensor will have to be spotless. None too easy a task as any dslr owner with more than one lens in their collection will attest to.