After being requested to take some more photos of St. Finbarrs Cathedral in Cork, I got back up there on a cold Saturday morning earlier this month. I arrived just as the gates were being unlocked so thankfully this time the car park was empty. The light was fantastic, ditto the sky and it cast the most wonderful shadows on the building and lit it up in all the right places.

stfinbarrs 008

There was/is some work being done on the Cathedral so unfortunately the spires were strewn with cables and a very badly situated scaffolding which is currently hampering my half-assed photoshopping attempts. Still though, the light and the bluer than blue sky more than make up for it.


stfinbarrs 020



So, hopefully someone will be happy with a few of the shots I got that morning. Then feeling like I was almost going to lose my left nut to frostbite will all be worthwhile. Just before anyone cries out “Hey, shouldn’t there be more on flickr?”, there are always more on flickr