The unnamed waterfall
A Bit Bigger

Almost. More of a trek by car. Started in Kenmare, home of the fish & chips I’d been hearing about. Home of the most expensive fish & chips in Ireland. Bah! From there down the mountain road to Bantry and through my favorite tunnel, straight through the mountain. The photo doesn’t do it justice by half.

Hole in the mountain #3

Instead of going straight around the normal ol’ boring path into Glengarriff, we took the turn off to a small townland down in the valley. Then, back up the valley to the super remote Barley Lake. Quite literally on top of a mountain. Great spot for fishing, but pack the wellies!

Barley Lake

The walk from the ‘car park’ is interesting and very long. That’ll go some way toward explaining why I don’t have any shots closer to the lake. Combination of no wellies and horribly lazyness. From there onto the location of the top photo, the unnamed waterfall. There was a mountain walk adjacent to the waterfall path called ‘Esknamucky’ so if pushed I could apply that title, but I won’t. Only a short walk from the parking area and definately worth a visit. Stopped by there just as darkness approached so managed to get some decent long exposure shots despite leaving the neutral density filter in the car. D’oh!


As you might expect, there are more of this kind of thing on flickr. The same flickr that I’ve now exceeded 4,000 photos and 50,000 views. Phew! Seems like alot of work has gone into it…