Back in July 2003 (in the hells angel days), I performed some rather questionable feats of bravery/stupidity on my motorbike. One such feat involved riding around a public park at 11pm one weeknight but that’s not what we’re interested in for the purposes of this post. What we’re on about is the drag race I had with my imaginary friend on the road from Killarney to Macroom. Pulled for speeding; 2 points. Nards.

It came to pass that the points only appeared on my otherwise pristine driving record in October. The 6th of October 2003 to be precise. So we all know what this means. As of right now, this very moment in time I’m 100% points free. Back to 0. Full no points discount on insurance. I’m such a good driver, having managed to evade getting anymore of the dreaded markings over the last tempting 3 years of road rage. So tonight a small celebration to mark the event. Now, I wonder when I’ll get the congratulatory letter from the department of transport?