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Knocknara; Queen Meabh’s Grave.


The view to Sligo

While up in Sligo a few weeks ago, we took the opportunity (as we’ve threatened to so many times before) to climb Knocknara, possibly better known as Queen Meabh’s grave. For the last couple of years I’ve only known it as ‘the tit’, you can’t really miss it on the way into Sligo. A huge imposing mass of rock on the horizon that proved decidedly easier to climb than I might have imagined. That’s also taking into account how hysterically unfit I am. I can only speculate on how effortless it might have been, had I been fit to some kind of acceptable standard.

Benbulben in the Background

As you can see, the view from the top is outstanding. Thankfully we were graced with a clear, bright day for the journey. You can practically see the Manhattan Island from the top! Well, maybe not. But you can see all of Sligo and a few neighbouring counties.


While in Sligo, having fully recovered from the drastic incline of the mountain, we also did the usual trip to Rosses Point and Strandhill. Nothing too astonishing there (apart from the weather holding up nicely)

Rosses Point; In the Grass

Next time I’m in Sligo perhaps I’ll do a few re-shoots I’ve been meaning to get to. Namely Hazelwood, which if you can believe it, was first shot with my old 3.2 megapixel Powershot compact digital and Lough Key Forest Park. Seems like I was only there yesterday but it’s just over a year since first visit. Time flies eh? There are some more of Knocknara on Flickr and a few general Sligo shots thrown in for good measure.

Ta me completely as mo parking spot!


Just a little tit-bit of what I thought was humourous news… While sitting in my legally parked commercial vehicle on the South Mall in Cork last Saturday morning, I spotted a celebrity of sorts parking in a disabled spot across the road from me, right outside the Bank of Ireland branch.

I rolled down the window and as traffic was light I didn’t have to shout the following very loudly…

“Wey hey, Ta tu parked in disabled spot Hectorrrrrrrrrr”.

Ok so I didn’t, but I wanted to. My guess is he was on the way to his book signing in Eason and didn’t want to look for a legal parking spot. I wonder if the very talented Mario on TodayFM could do anything with that?

Mountain Trek


The unnamed waterfall
A Bit Bigger

Almost. More of a trek by car. Started in Kenmare, home of the fish & chips I’d been hearing about. Home of the most expensive fish & chips in Ireland. Bah! From there down the mountain road to Bantry and through my favorite tunnel, straight through the mountain. The photo doesn’t do it justice by half.

Hole in the mountain #3

Instead of going straight around the normal ol’ boring path into Glengarriff, we took the turn off to a small townland down in the valley. Then, back up the valley to the super remote Barley Lake. Quite literally on top of a mountain. Great spot for fishing, but pack the wellies!

Barley Lake

The walk from the ‘car park’ is interesting and very long. That’ll go some way toward explaining why I don’t have any shots closer to the lake. Combination of no wellies and horribly lazyness. From there onto the location of the top photo, the unnamed waterfall. There was a mountain walk adjacent to the waterfall path called ‘Esknamucky’ so if pushed I could apply that title, but I won’t. Only a short walk from the parking area and definately worth a visit. Stopped by there just as darkness approached so managed to get some decent long exposure shots despite leaving the neutral density filter in the car. D’oh!


As you might expect, there are more of this kind of thing on flickr. The same flickr that I’ve now exceeded 4,000 photos and 50,000 views. Phew! Seems like alot of work has gone into it…

BarCamp Ireland



Held last weekend at the new WebWorks building near the city hall, Cork. The whole thing seemed to come off very well, a huge success by all accounts. Lots of familliar faces there, most of which I’ve photographed and stuck up on flickr. I ended up arriving late and leaving early due to poor organisation (and being wickedly tired) but managed to take most of it in anyway.


The WebWorks building is quite impressive, if a little devoid of tenants at the moment. Anyway, the rest of the photos I took that day are up on flickr. Well, some of the photos I took are anyway.


Get the point, not the points!


Back in July 2003 (in the hells angel days), I performed some rather questionable feats of bravery/stupidity on my motorbike. One such feat involved riding around a public park at 11pm one weeknight but that’s not what we’re interested in for the purposes of this post. What we’re on about is the drag race I had with my imaginary friend on the road from Killarney to Macroom. Pulled for speeding; 2 points. Nards.

It came to pass that the points only appeared on my otherwise pristine driving record in October. The 6th of October 2003 to be precise. So we all know what this means. As of right now, this very moment in time I’m 100% points free. Back to 0. Full no points discount on insurance. I’m such a good driver, having managed to evade getting anymore of the dreaded markings over the last tempting 3 years of road rage. So tonight a small celebration to mark the event. Now, I wonder when I’ll get the congratulatory letter from the department of transport?

I like free stuff



After ordering my free 10 pack of Moo flickr cards on the 19th September, I was starting to become impatient as to when they’d arrive. No need to begin tearing hair out or grinding teeth, the cards arrived today in the post all the way from London. Reports were correct, the little cards are superb. Both in quality and in functionality. Ok, so they’re inanimate cardboard, but you get what I mean. They’re the kind of carry in your back pocket, give out to friends, impress would-be customers with kinda thing that’ll no doubt be hugely popular. That is, if they weren’t already hugely popular.

Card Holder

They come in a well designed cardboard sleeve that you probably wont want to throw out. I can’t wait to see what the 100 pack come in! Also good news from Julie that their free shipping order has been extended to the middle of October so if you haven’t already (and you have a flickr account), get your ass to the moo website and order your cards now. Brilliant, I’m well impressed. Major thanks also to Damien who posted about the service some time ago.

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