Last weekend (yes, nearly a whole week ago) I rambled in a random fashion around my normal route, anywhere in west Cork. I had intended on staying at Gougane Barra for a while to soak up the atmosphere and most importantly, to relax. That idea quickly went out the window when I saw the amount of people there. I think I’ll stick to going there off-season in future.

From there further on down to Bantry (where I didn’t actually stop) and back home. All so I could spend some valuable time listening to Jim O’Neill’s classic gold on TodayFM. Love that show.The rest of the photos were taken at random, yet delightfully predictable spots around Cork. I’d like to say I’ll have something original soon.. but eh.. Oh wait, BarCamp!


Holy Trinity Church, Cork



It appears the 30D is already well in need of it’s first cleaning. Maybe I should have cleaned out all that Canon factory dust as soon as I got it?!? In other news, my plan to post one photo a day is screwed. Also, I’ve started squirrelling away money for my Christmas present. Ahh shit, the ‘C’ word. It’s only September! Curse my preparations!