Card to Handle, originally uploaded by richardmoross.

While browsing around earlier I came across this post on Damiens blog. It appears you can now get small calling cards from photos on your flickr stream. A wonderful idea I thought, as I tried to get on to order some. The website seems to be getting alot of publicity right now which hopefully is the cause of it’s unusable speed. After three attempts to use the site earlier I’ve now given up for a few weeks. It’s painfully slow to load, slow to pull in photos from flickr, doesn’t seem to want to recognise flickr sets and the one time I actually managed to pick out ten images and proceed to cropping, the second stage of the order, it stalled. So, I’ve given up for now.

Odd that I blog about it then? Maybe give it a week or three before you bother checking it out unless you’ve got the patience of a saint. I will most certainly be making at least one order when the site responds fast enough to be used, which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

edit: finally managed to get an order through the moo website for 10 free cards. Very simple order process thankfully. Now to wait for the cards!