After a flickr message from a user named lamplocke, I chose to bring the pooch to Currabinny Woods. Haven’t been there in a while so I also brought the 30D and 150mm macro lens.


I found myself cursing under my breath alot that I had left my tripod in the car to save from having to carry it everywhere. I suppose I was more in the market for a leisurely stroll instead of a grim deathmarch with a few kilos of manfrotto strapped to my back. Maybe I’ll do that next week when I’ve got an assistant around. Still managed to get a few decent shots and even surprised myself with one or two of them.


Wasp in flight


So long story short, good hour or so had by one human(?) and one dog. Utterly tiring but good nonetheless. Also got my 20D back in top notch condition. Well, it looks top notch anyway, I haven’t actually tried it out yet. Hopefully more photos tomorrow, but first to Fermoy for hopefully a good day’s sales.