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Random Corkness



Last weekend (yes, nearly a whole week ago) I rambled in a random fashion around my normal route, anywhere in west Cork. I had intended on staying at Gougane Barra for a while to soak up the atmosphere and most importantly, to relax. That idea quickly went out the window when I saw the amount of people there. I think I’ll stick to going there off-season in future.

From there further on down to Bantry (where I didn’t actually stop) and back home. All so I could spend some valuable time listening to Jim O’Neill’s classic gold on TodayFM. Love that show.The rest of the photos were taken at random, yet delightfully predictable spots around Cork. I’d like to say I’ll have something original soon.. but eh.. Oh wait, BarCamp!


Holy Trinity Church, Cork



It appears the 30D is already well in need of it’s first cleaning. Maybe I should have cleaned out all that Canon factory dust as soon as I got it?!? In other news, my plan to post one photo a day is screwed. Also, I’ve started squirrelling away money for my Christmas present. Ahh shit, the ‘C’ word. It’s only September! Curse my preparations!



Just like Donal and a few more, I got an email from Schmap to say 3 of my photos of Killarney (or more accurately Muckross House) have been included in the new Killarney guide, which incidentally can be downloaded here if anyones interested. It seems that some time ago they scoured Flickr and came up with loads of photos they wanted to add to a new set of Irish guides. Pending approval by the photographer of course, which I gave because I didn’t imagine anything would ever come of those three photos otherwise.

IMG_2626 IMG_2689 IMG_2617

Click on any of the above to go to it’s flickr page if you’re interested. So, three more photos out in the wild. Will never see any money for them but hopefully once the Killarney guide gets a few downloads it’ll at least send some traffic to my flickr stream. Maybe not, but hopefully…

Moo(ve) it!


Card to Handle, originally uploaded by richardmoross.

While browsing around earlier I came across this post on Damiens blog. It appears you can now get small calling cards from photos on your flickr stream. A wonderful idea I thought, as I tried to get on to order some. The website seems to be getting alot of publicity right now which hopefully is the cause of it’s unusable speed. After three attempts to use the site earlier I’ve now given up for a few weeks. It’s painfully slow to load, slow to pull in photos from flickr, doesn’t seem to want to recognise flickr sets and the one time I actually managed to pick out ten images and proceed to cropping, the second stage of the order, it stalled. So, I’ve given up for now.

Odd that I blog about it then? Maybe give it a week or three before you bother checking it out unless you’ve got the patience of a saint. I will most certainly be making at least one order when the site responds fast enough to be used, which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

edit: finally managed to get an order through the moo website for 10 free cards. Very simple order process thankfully. Now to wait for the cards!




How did I manage to forget to post the results of the Waterford Spraoi weekend? They’ve been on flickr for ages so I presume anyone interested will have already seen them, but nevertheless…


The weekend itself was a mixture of photos, drinking and recovering from too much drinking. The parade topped off the weekend nicely, as did running down the length of the quay, camera in hand and tripod on back being watched with interest by nearby Gardaí. Nothing else to waffle on about so a few photos instead.





That’s about it for now, the rest are up on flickr as always! Also, I should add further thanks to Al and his incredibly accomodating & welcoming parents for the use of their superbly comfortable airbed. That is all…

Nerdy Joy


Just sitting in work now, having had our internet access enabled and am currently downloading from heanet at 2210kb/sec. Incidentally, is pinging 7ms and heanet is coming in around 6ms. Irishisptest tells me I’ve got a 30mbit fibre line all to myself.

Hmm, I wonder how long it’d take to backup the internet?

Walking the dog; Currabinny Woods


After a flickr message from a user named lamplocke, I chose to bring the pooch to Currabinny Woods. Haven’t been there in a while so I also brought the 30D and 150mm macro lens.


I found myself cursing under my breath alot that I had left my tripod in the car to save from having to carry it everywhere. I suppose I was more in the market for a leisurely stroll instead of a grim deathmarch with a few kilos of manfrotto strapped to my back. Maybe I’ll do that next week when I’ve got an assistant around. Still managed to get a few decent shots and even surprised myself with one or two of them.


Wasp in flight


So long story short, good hour or so had by one human(?) and one dog. Utterly tiring but good nonetheless. Also got my 20D back in top notch condition. Well, it looks top notch anyway, I haven’t actually tried it out yet. Hopefully more photos tomorrow, but first to Fermoy for hopefully a good day’s sales.

in the back yard howling



Taken a few minutes ago; The best moon I’ve seen so far this year. Posting is light lately (especially photos) as you may have noticed. I’m breaking in a 30D and waiting for the return of my 20D, hopefully before 5pm tomorrow. We’re also moving office, which as anyone that’s done it can tell you, is a royal pain in the behind. I’m hoping to have a large amount of bits & stuff to post over the weekend. Also have to catch up on stuff I’ve posted to flickr but hasn’t yet been highlighted here for various reasons.

Excuses aside, I haven’t actually been out taking photos properly for a while. Hopefully the urge will return in the coming days as it’s been far far far too long. Anyway, enjoy the moon above or get outside and look at it if you can.

Cork & Cameras, a bewildering mix


Ok, so ya get the expensive stuff on the internet because you’re saving money, right? You get the small fiddly bits locally, because you can and because the rip-off Ireland phenomenon doesn’t screw you over as much as it would with say a camera body or a lens. So if you need a filter or a battery, a memory card or even a lens cap you can pretty much just walk straight in off the street and get it. Unless you live in Cork it seems.

Without mentioning any names, even though it’s blatantly obvious, it’s impossible to get alot of the smaller inexpensive stuff in Cork. Three times now I’ve been foiled in my attempts to get insignificant bits & pieces and it’s a case of three strikes, you’re out. First time was a filter, second time a couple of lens caps and most recently, this weekend I tried to get an off shoe flash cord. Sounds hugely technical but in reality it’s only a cord that connects a flashgun to a hot-shoe on the top of the camera. In other words, something that every shop should stock. Ok so maybe one shop might be out of stock, but all three??? I was even told in one shop that they’d have to order it in and didn’t have a clue how long it’d take. That normally means at least 2+ weeks.

Considering I can get pretty much anything I’ll ever be looking for within 3 days from ebay, it leaves me truly quizzed that anyone would bother to even try local shops anymore. In fact, if enough people were introduced to the ebay ways and means, would it spell the demise of local shops altogether? If I was to mount a part-time protest, could I possibly encourage these shops to stock up or die off?

When you think about it, what do they do?

  • Sell consumer point & shoot cameras
  • Sell pro-sumer cameras, dslr’s and the like
  • Sell pro level cameras
  • Sell accessories for all of the above
  • Bits and pieces like lenses, tripods
  • Print photos
  • Give advice to customers

So, with the exception of the last two items, everything else can be had on ebay for a fraction of the price. I’ve found that at least 75% of the time, a local shop will have to ‘order in’ the item you’re looking for. That means a wait of at least 1 week, often more. So, on an expensive item (like my lens on the right) I can save around €1k and get it into my hands in 3 days. As for getting prints, I always use Photobox. They’re significantly cheaper than anything I’ve ever found locally, can be just as quick and are 100% perfect quality. Advice? Has anyone ever gotten any useful advice in a local shop? Anything that couldn’t be found with just a few clicks on google? No, I thought not. With all this in mind, why would anyone shop locally? Why why why?!?

I would simply love to start importing camera gear and selling it at below Irish retail to anyone interested. Take rip-off Ireland outside and give it a swift kick in the family jewels. I’d even go as far as publishing a price list in the local media. For example, take a common photojournalist camera, the Canon 1D Mark II N. In Ireland, you’re looking at €4,000 ish. That’s a pretty conservative estimate too.. Or, from ebay, a smidge under €3,000.

So, anyone want anything?

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