With my 20D being in hospital as it is, I’ve turned my mind to another body. No, not to replace the hopefully soon to be returned 20D, more to compliment it’s existence. I’d been lusting after a 5D (which is apparently a “real upgrade” for 20D users) but at a cost of around €2,500 it’s a pretty feckin’ hefty upgrade over say a €1,000 30D. Yes, I know the 30D isn’t an upgrade for the 20D. It is essentially a 20D with a bigger screen and spot metering. The thought then occured to me that having gone the ‘cheap’ route by buying Sigma EX lenses, would the glass be of high enough quality to get any use out of the higher quality sensor in the 5D? Would I have to spend thousands more buying Canon L lenses just to get an acceptable photo? More importantly, and as John from North Atlantic Skyline pointed out, paying 4 times more for a camera doesn’t nessecarily yield photos that are 4 times better.

Food for thought John. Also, with the impending plan to get the Canon 70-200L, the price difference alone between the 30D and 5D would pay for the lens! At the end of all that, I’d still have a second body! No brainer? Well, half a second body anyway. She, herself who must always be listened to and pretend to be obeyed, decides that her Casio Exilim just doesn’t fill the void anymore.

So who needs a full frame camera? More importantly, who needs to pay two and a half thousand euro to get a full frame camera that they may never reap the full rewards of. Apart from being able to turn up at photo meets and scoff at the punitons with their “crop factors”. Psh. I’d miss the 5fps anyway. That’s a pretty bad excuse though.

One pretty lame reason for getting a second body is that I’m trying, albeit slowly as hell, to appear at the very least, as a capable photographer. That is, one that you’d invite to a function or event to take a few photos. And hey, everyone hates changing lenses! That and I love the gadgets. For anyone that’s still wondering, yes, I am posting this to give the illusion of keeping the blog updated. Next week, I’ll start copying and pasting from random websites. That’s one to look forward to. General comments, suggestions and phrases like “Are ya mad?” all welcome.